How not to overeat sweets

How not to overeat sweets

How not to overeat sweets.

Sometimes you want sweet, it can be a “one-person” eat the cake and not choke. Then, of course, I will regret for the extra calories, but here and now to deal with unrealistic. We describe the main sugar traps – and give advice on how to get them.


Stress, bad mood or the need to comfort you, can increase sugar cravings because sweetness increase the content in the brain “pleasure hormone” serotonin.

What to do:

Eat more complex carbohydrates – whole grain breads, cereals, legumes, and so on. D. The effect will be the same, but instead of harm – one health benefits and waist. At the same time, if you urgently need to see the world in the “pink”, limit proteins – they inhibit the action of serotonin.

Alternatively, get things unrelated to food, but also contributes to the mood – take a walk, enjoy a fitness center, listen to music. And, of course, need to look for and eliminate the cause of stress, to reduce the demand for sugar and reduce the risk of overeating.

Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar causes hunger and cravings for sweets, so you have the need to eat foods that are able to quickly solve the problem.

What to do:

Listen to yourself, sit at the table on time, without waiting-headed – it will help control the “sweet zhor.” Eat 4-5 times a day, wear a small bag in the supply of food in case you get hungry. To blood sugar levels remained stable for a long time, you need complex carbohydrates and protein.

Food for the company

According to statistics, in the company we eat more than alone. Having a chat with friends over a cup of coffee and cakes by choosing the menu, keep in mind – if the table is not less than 6 people, we, without realizing it, eat 2-3 times more than we would like.

What to do:

Eat slowly and be aware – you eat because you feel like it, or because the other person eat? If hardly control themselves, previously think over alternative cake. But do not forbid myself totally sweet – it just provokes disruptions.

Fatigue after physical exertion

If you are actively engaged in fitness, you can pull for dessert after a workout. Exercise depletes the glycogen in the liver, the body requires replenishment.

What to do:

You need regular refueling complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables. Avoid a diet low in carbohydrates.

Sugar, like a drug

Too much sugar can lead to a kind of addiction, when you feel that you can not do without the sweet taste and soothing effect. Sugar is not no comparison, of course, with drugs or alcohol, which can lead to actual physical dependence. In the case of sugar, it is more of a psychological dependence. Keep in mind – too much sugar can not meet the centers of the brain responsible for feelings of pleasure. All calories are eaten nothing!

What to do:

Make a plan for gradually reducing the amount of sugar eaten. Keep a food diary, track all the snacks eaten per day, think, due to which in the first place, you can reduce the consumption of sugar. The easiest way to start with a limit of soda and other sugary drinks. Your goal – to achieve restrained and balanced attitude to sugar.

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