Macrobiotics or union of Yin and Yang

Macrobiotics or union of Yin and Yang

Macrobiotics or union of Yin and Yang.

According to Eastern philosophy, the world is subject to two opposite yet complementary forces – yin and yang. The hardest part of macrobiotics, the doctrine of the food that is based on the ideas of Taoism – to understand the nature of these two short words.

All products in accordance with macrobiotics, different energy focus – some big yin, some – yang, and the task of man – strive to achieve balance of these two forces.

Subtleties and nuances

Yin describes feminine and has a tendency to expand. Yang – the beginning of man and tends to collapse. Author of the modern concept of macrobiotics, George Ohsawa describes the product as an acid reaction yin and alkaline – Yang.

Taste foods yin – spicy, sour and sweet, and the yang – salty and bitter. Unlike conventional power macrobiotic diet produces a slightly alkaline medium in the circulatory system, which provides a higher energy level of the body, the immune system against colds, good digestion, strengthens bone tissue – so, at least, say supporters of this method of supply. They say that modern nutrition includes too many products, giving the yin person, that is, an increase in conventional food favors the external dimensions of the human body. The most obvious sign of the state of yin – overweight. Macrobiotic food gives the appearance of human traits more characteristic of yang, – slender, muscular. When macrobiotic diet yin and yang are balanced, the desire to eat “unhealthy foods” (ice cream, cakes, fast food, coca-cola) does not arise. Probably…

Products of yin and yang

Food in the macrobiotic diet to help lose weight and gain health – it is whole grain. Buckwheat, rice, wheat, corn, barley, millet can be eaten in any form: boiled, fried, baked.
Vegetables – minerals and vitamins necessary for human life and growth. And the best and most nutritious of them – it sprouts. It contains more vitamins, proteins and minerals per kilogram than meat.

A wonderful source of minerals and complex carbohydrates – carrots, pumpkin, rutabaga. They are good because they require less energy in the process of assimilation by the body than the Green-leaf vegetables. In addition, these vegetables grow in our latitudes, it is very important for the macrobiotic diet, according to which should be to eat only foods grown in the same environment where the person lives.

Bean frequently in macrobiotic cuisine consume tofu. It contains a higher percentage of protein than chicken. However, although soy products are inexpensive and legkousvoyaemy, they should be used in small amounts, as well as other protein-rich foods.

Useful for human consumption are considered algae and fish. If possible – including meat and fresh white fish algae in a macrobiotic diet.

An important role in the diet play a seasoning. Of these, you can use sea salt, soy sauce, natural mustard, horseradish, onion and parsley, unrefined oils and gomashio. What’s this? Do not worry. Gomashio – a mixture of the ground with sea salt and roasted sesame seeds. However, spices do not abuse – as well as natural sweeteners. The last recommended only for occasional human consumption and are dried fruits, raisins and fresh fruit.

Avoid yin vegetables such as potatoes, eggplant, sorrel, beet greens and tomatoes, as they contain oxalic acid, which slows the absorption of calcium.

Sugar, chocolate and honey do not exist for the followers of the macrobiotic diet. Also, a week can not eat more than two handfuls of almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts, preferably roasted.

Carefully chewing food …

The most important thing to remember – eat only natural foods without additives, preservatives, chemical dyes, etc. One of the tenets of macrobiotic food – chew food. Each portion chew food at least 50 times.

From the standpoint of macrobiotic formula “drink as you want,” or even “drink as much as possible, because all the harmful substances removed from the body of water” – very bad recommendation. According to macrobiotics, the person receives enough water from food. Furthermore, it can be used to drink only water slabozavarennogo real black tea without additives or drink based on chicory. Of course, always difficult to change eating habits, developed over the years. Do not just break yourself and move on cereals and dried fruit – so you can only cause the body harm. Do everything slowly. Start by reducing the consumption of saturated fats, refined starch and sugar.

More often eat vegetables, beans, avoid foods high in cholesterol. And remember that eating is macrobiotic – it means to understand the importance of balance in the selection and preparation of foods

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