What you can and can not be those who already have problems with stomach

What you can and can not be those who already have problems with stomach

What you can and can not be those who already have problems with stomach.

New Year’s holidays – a tough test for the stomach. Even if you are completely healthy. Although it’s fantastic. Such people do not exist. So, during a night of feasting is to comply with the basic rules of proper nutrition. Especially for people who already have problems with my stomach.

Feel exile in celebration of life – feeling unpleasant. You can, of course, pretend that you are interested in food only from an aesthetic point of view. But much nicer to try culinary delights. We do not advise to put a plate next to a pile of special tablets. Let therapeutic drugs awaiting hours without ostentatious drama. We’ll talk about the food itself.

What can not be

Alas, the classics of the genre – the salad “Olivier” – this time place on the table is not there, because the salad with mayonnaise and proper nutrition – is, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. And let Evgeny Grishkovets relish describes how well they absorb the next morning spoons, straight from the pan. We will not do so. Although, of course, desirable. With mayonnaise should act ruthlessly – whether it is a home or a super-light olive, do not use it. According to doctors, this product is not the most favorable effect on the pancreas, so we refuel salad unrefined olive oil.

Fatty foods – also banned, especially as snacks. We’ll have to give up pork, as well as from the oil-rich fish – such as salmon and salmon. But perch and cod are perfect. Besides these, we recommend that turkey meat – it is soft and easy to digest, also rich in protein and contains almost no cholesterol. Therefore, if a dish with meat turkey – not greasy and fried (or better stew and combined with delicate sauces), then give him the green light!

Furthermore, when menus doctors recommend to prefer products whose use does not cause gas formation in the body. If the trouble still occurred and you feel a slight bloating, take a complex enzyme preparation “Yunienzim with MPS.” It includes “simethicone” relieving unpleasant symptoms, and plant enzymes papain, diastase and help digest the remains unsplit carbohydrates and proteins that build up in the stomach and intestines. Take “Yunienzim MPS” should be 1-2 tablets 1-2 times daily after meals.

I must say that linking products with each other, too, should be very careful. No wonder the classic Jewish cuisine excludes mixing of dairy and meat products.

  • When the salad there and sour cream, and meat, this inevitably leads to problems with the intestines.
  • For the same reason discard the cabbage, and anyone, including broccoli. Cabbage and dangerous raw and pickled – especially as traditional snacks to vodka.
  • In no case do not put in salad nuts, they have a high percentage of fat that adversely affects the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Do not use in dishes original and unusual combination for us, for example, grapes and eggs.
  • Beans, lobio, Satsivi – blacklisted.
  • The same applies to the hot spices – they often provoke heartburn.
  • As regards the use of eggplant, then if they bake in the oven without fat – please. But in any case do not add to the eggplant paste of walnuts. But squash, as well as cucumbers, should be avoided.

What can

  • Well, you might say. It turns out that something very tasty and you can not. Do not despair, all is not lost.
  • Doctors suggest to include in the menu, jellied fish, which when properly prepared is not disgusting. And yet, for example, can make meatballs of fish or squid, the best steam.
  • But the main delicacy – shrimp, which are very useful and boiled, or even fried. The main thing – do not buy shrimp with lots of ice and snow: it is a sign of repeated thawing. A simple recipe: olive
  • oil to brown a couple of cloves of crushed garlic, fry the shrimp, sprinkle them with lemon. Then, in the course are any herbs: marjoram, basil, oregano. By the way, fried shrimp do not eat a lot, which is also important. Shrimp can drink a couple of glasses of red dry wine or a couple of glasses of good brandy. But not more.
  • Another delicacy – cheese. Preference should be given to durum, but Roquefort, Brie and Camembert have to say “goodbye.” However, these cheeses have said goodbye almost our entire country.

So you have not lost anything.

Allow yourself a little bit of cheese in a salad. However, those who have the situation is complicated by cholelithiasis or pancreatitis, any cheese is completely contraindicated.

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