7 reasons to go to a fitness club

7 reasons to go to a fitness club

7 reasons to go to a fitness club.

Keep fit and tone are different ways: someone is doing exercises at home, someone runs in the morning, and anyone seriously thinks about fitness classes. To motivate the latter to present 7 reasons for finally and irrevocably going to the fitness club.

1. Variety

Not all of us live busy lives. Well, at least on weekdays. The work-home, work-home … But it is necessary to decide to go to the fitness club and began … The day is automatically filled with the expectation of the evening planning how will eat for a day, what will go, how long you intend to do what muscle group will work out today or for a group session go!

2. Communication

Adults are not so easy to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances. A fitness club (or gym), you will somehow interfere with the same people, and quite regularly, you will combine them with the general class, interests and goals. Here you and support, and, if something does not work in the classroom, help practical advice and counseling.

3. Find yourself a couple

It is logical to assume that, where sport, there are men. However, it is not necessary to consider fitness as the only reason for dating. With this approach, you will not achieve good results from ttenirovok for myself, not looking for a man and just wasting your money on a subscription. Incidentally, according to statistics 70% of untested Me “continuation” are taking place in gyms, fitness clubs and other places where people come to play sports.

4. Motivation

In the fitness room you come and immediately drawn into the atmosphere and the pulsation of the place. There go those with whom you want-not, you’ll compare myself: someone to inspire, someone will call a constructive envy, and someone will raise your self-esteem. After all, as we know, nothing so lifts the level of motivation, as a living example.

5. The competent professional advice

Thanks to the Internet, you can seriously “pump” in the subject of fitness, articles, sporting social networks, blogs and websites coaches, video tutorials … But all this theory! A fitness center provides assistance and guidance of a professional trainer or instructor. Pros look, whether you are doing the exercises, indicate where you have problem areas on which to work, pay attention to errors in technique, elementary help if you yourself do not feel very well.

6. Psychological help

Fitness rescued from depression. It is a scientifically proven fact! Scientists from the University of Georgia in the United States found that a few weeks of regular exercising in the body is getting better exchange of hormones serotonin and noradrenaline, which disorder usually causes depression.
The main thing – do not allow training to become monotonous and repetitive. If you have a subscription, then one week, try to go to different group classes. If you are alone or in addition to group lessons go to the gym, it also tries to combine cardio with strength training, experiment with an exercise program. You can share training on muscle groups that you want to pump, for example, on Monday – the arms and shoulders, Wednesday – chest and back, Friday – press and legs, or to experiment with different circular program (with a specific set of exercises that need to be repeated at 3-5 times per session).

Do not let yourself get bored! So you maximize distracted by worries and thoroughly clean the head of the problems. Tested repeatedly!

7. Self-esteem

The closer you get to the goal, the higher self-esteem. Even if you’re still at the beginning, even small steps, but you are going to translate the desired image – it’s always inspiring. After all, not for nothing that they say that the most valuable victory – a victory over himself.

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