7 things women should do during training


7 things women should do during training, but they don’t do

In this volume of wrong advice from all sides is easy to find that training is wasted, and no change of shape occurs. The lack of results is especially prone to women. The reason for this is the abundance of absurd and false information on how to do and what to eat.
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In this article we will make a bit of clarity to this topic and will talk about the 7 points that women should add in your fitness training for more pronounced results.

1. Practice in large exercises
Great exercises is multistable movements such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, pull-UPS, various presses, etc. They are universally recognized are the most useful for training, so that women will benefit by building on their basis of their studies.
First, large load exercise several muscle groups, so each time involved a whole lot of muscle. In the end, burned more energy than when you run odnosemjannyj exercises such as leg extension or a lifting on a biceps. In addition, a larger volume of muscles increases the sensitivity to insulin and other hormones that affect the metabolic rate, and as a result, faster changes body composition.
Secondly, work in multicasting exercises have a positive impact on athleticness and daily life: you’ll run faster, jump higher, you will be easier to raise children in his arms and throw the Luggage in the car.
Another advantage of these exercises is that there’s so much pressure increases the density and strength of bones. Besides, large exercise optimally work the back chain of muscles in the back of the body: buttocks, hamstrings, calves, muscles of the upper and lower back. This is particularly important for two reasons:
• Women are particularly vulnerable to the imbalance of power between the quadriceps and biceps muscles of the thigh (quadriceps strong and weak bicep), which can lead to incorrect movement patterns and chronic pain.
• Studies have shown that women are at a disadvantage when it comes to slimming thighs and buttocks because during the training they primarily burn fat upper body. Therefore, it is important that women are engaged in large exercises that load the posterior chain, because they are a good influence on hormones and metabolism, and this leads to significant changes in body composition.

2. Train hard
Studies show that the most engaged with burdenings of people don’t use loads heavy enough to manifest any changes in body composition or strength. Women are particularly at risk to spend their wasted time due to a universal misconception that they should only deal with super-light weights, otherwise they will become large and nepovtorimymi.
Scientists have discovered that even women with training experience underestimate yourself and raise weight, which is 30% lighter than the minimum weight required for at least some of the changes in body composition.
If you want to lose weight and improve the shape and tone, then to achieve good and fast results, lifting weights that are heavier than those to which you are accustomed. During these sessions takes a lot of energy that generates a significant response from the fat-burning hormone, if the training program is organized correctly. Such training overloads the muscles and you get stronger and sportier.
The General rule is that the choice of such a weight, which is 65-85% of your maximum that you are able to raise. Do 8-15 reps, but do it while you can, or a little less. If you can sit down with a weight of 45 kg once, then multiple repetitions in squats, select 30 kg or more.

3. Train with a barbell
It is very important to learn exercises with free weights because this will allow you to perform multistage exercises instead of working on the blocks. You will also be able to use full range of motion necessary for optimal muscle training.
For example, when performing a deep squat, when the hips are below the knees, work the buttocks and hamstrings is increased by 150%, and the load on the lower back less than with a normal squat until the angle at the knee 90 degrees.
Exercises with a barbell has one more advantage. For beginners, the power of grip is the limiting factor in training the lower body, because many women when performing squats and deadlift just can’t hold dumbbells weighing more than 15 kg. And 30 kg (15 kg in each hand) is not enough for significant changes in body composition.
To perform squats, lunges and lifts you put the neck on his shoulders, which means the opportunity to raise a much greater weight. When you perform the same deadlift grip strength will still be a limitation, but you will find that they are able to take much more weight than with dumbbells, because the rod more evenly distributes the weight about the center of gravity of the body.

4. Count the tempo of exercises
Counting the tempo of each exercise allows for the greatest degree stimulate the body’s adaptation to stress.
Tempo is a term used to refer to the number of seconds it takes to lift and lower the weight. In principle, this means that the load is constantly controlled by muscles, rather than falling under the action of gravity.
For example, when performing the squat, you are controlling the process, 4 seconds going down, then, without pausing at the bottom, 1 second up and 1 second of rest in the starting position, then down again for 4 seconds and so on.
This can be written in the form 4011, which means 4 seconds on the downward movement,without a pause at the bottom, 1 second lifting and 1 second pause at the top.
Usually, a slower pace improves body composition and lead to the fat burning, as a stronger impact on the metabolism. More fast paced develops strength and explosive (jumping, weightlifting exercise) power.

5. Improve your cardio – add intervals
Both women and men make the mistake of turning to aerobic cardio when you want to burn fat and improve the shape. Though it seems logical that cardio leads to fat loss, because more calories are burned than when sitting on the couch, but research has shown that in women the effect is very different.
When a woman sits on a diet and does cardio, she loses muscle mass, the metabolic rate decreases, and eventually for the entire day is burned even less calories. Fat does not disappear. It’s worth it to throw diet and exercise, she gets fat again.
Another reason for the disappointing results of studies of cardio is the fact that the goal of aerobic exercise is to teach the body to be as efficient as possible. As a result, he can adapt quickly to repetitive aerobic exercises in order to perform large volumes of work, using the least possible amount of oxygen and energy. All this contributes to fat loss.
Fortunately, for burning fat are very effective interval training with sprints is that they must be the priority, if you are interested in fat removal. Run them on the track, treadmill, bike or with weights. They improve body composition for several reasons:
• Increases lean muscle mass which leads to an acceleration of metabolism in everyday life, and this is a big part of the daily burning of energy.
• During training takes a lot of calories, and afterwards, during recovery, for several hours increases the metabolic rate.
• Enhanced the function of hormones, making the muscles more receptive to insulin. In the end the body uses glucose, the main source of energy – much more efficient.
• Accelerates the metabolism of estrogen, making you slimmer. reduces the risk of cancer, and improve life in General.
The reason why women can avoid intervals, is the belief that you first need to improve their level of fitness. This is a mistake. Interval training works for everyone, even for older women, you only need to adjust it to fit your purpose:
For example, older women who engaged in 30-minute interval walking, increased leg strength, improved fitness, and decreased the number of symptoms of diseases associated with lifestyle. Their workout consisted of 3 minutes of brisk walking alternated with 3 minutes slow, and so 10 rounds.
If the cardio elliptical trainer is given to you without effort, start to add intervals, during which you increase the load and intensively engaged in 30-60 seconds with the ratio of working and rest is 1:1.
Aerobic-trained women (able to run 5 km in less than 30 minutes) can try intense intervals, during which you need to work almost to exhaustion, or very intense resistance training or strength training equipment, for example, with a sled to push.

6. Change your diet
Advance menu planning for maximum effect of exercise can lead to simplification of supply. This may seem surprising, since most people at the mention of the phrase food for training will immediately think about difficult combinations of pills and powders.
On the contrary, the training diet is just the food that energizes and restores your body. It allows you to forget about the state of hunger and however increases energy levels. And it is as follows:
• Build your diet based on whole protein, small amounts of vegetable carbs, and useful fat because such foods are necessary for recovery.
• Consume adequate amounts of protein. Solid protein is important for women wishing to lose weight easily, because it contains amino acids, which are used primarily for tissue repair. Plus, protein and satiating, increasing your muscle mass helps to maintain the body’s metabolic rate.
• Consume adequate amounts of fat. Fat is extremely important for women because it is used for the production of hormones and provides the body with the nutrients necessary for building strong bones and maintaining beautiful skin, hair and nails. Fat is also satiating, and it’s delicious, which is important to develop and establish eating habits conducive to weight loss.
• Leave the food with a high content of carbohydrates until after your workout is the best time for them, because the metabolism has been accelerated and the carbohydrates will replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles and not turn into fat. Moreover, the consumption of carbohydrates after exercise reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol that, over time, can improve body composition.
• If your goal is changing body composition, then do not consume carbohydrates and sports drinks before and during class, because glycogen in the muscles much more, and needs extra calories not.

7. Put away the phones and monitors
The concentration and persistence in training, allow at least three times to improve body composition and the outcomes. And TVs, ipadm, computers, and phones have no place in a purposeful exercise. The phone should be left in the bag, locker or car, not even to take it with you to the gym, because, most likely, it will lead to constant temptation to take him in hand.
Of course, there are times when you are forced to bring it with you to the training, for example, if you follow the situation in the world or needs to be on call in case of an emergency, but 90% of the time need the phone no.
For those 10% of the time when you need to be with phone, mobile is a luxury to enable you to engage in full force, but the rest of the time he as the leg shackles that prevent you to be who you can be.
The same applies to the other reading used to while away the time on the cardio. Remember, you must not do regular cardio, and intervals, and they require a level of intensity and concentration, which is not compatible with reading. Better listen to audiobooks or music in mp3 player, so you will loose the body and head to practice.

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