Cook and clean apartment with fitness

Cook and clean apartment with fitness

Cook and clean apartment with fitness.

The modern woman who is building a career, raising children, and keep a home (no one has repealed the historical destiny of women), it is very difficult to find time to go to the gym. For such women, the term was coined by NEAT (from the English Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), which translates as “heat production by the body, caused by an activity not related to exercise.” In other words, it’s about weight loss during household chores.

Do housework, like cleaning or cooking, of course, can not completely replace the gym, but that does not mean that you can not lose weight, doing the usual daily activities.

  • Most will burn calories cleaning. Vacuum – get rid of 100 calories, protrete dust – even from 50. The same cleaning with washing chandeliers, windows and hard to reach places rubbing burn about 300 calories per hour, which, by the way, about the same hour of cycling.
  • It is preferred to shop in large hypermarkets, where it seems you can always wander among the shelves with products. For a shopping trip you can burn about 200 calories.
  • Cooking is less effective for weight loss, but an hour of standing at the stove burns 70 calories, which is not bad. Just do not get carried away with the removal of the sample preparing meals, and you risk consume many times more calories than you burn.
  • If desired, and to increase the consumption of calories, if you wear on your hands or feet bracelets-weighting, which can be bought in sports stores. First there will be unusual and difficult, but this way you can increase calorie burning by 15%! Do not forget that it is suitable only for those people who have no problems with joints and spine.
  • It is useful to involve the stomach during any activity. It will also increase the calories and lead to the formation of a flat stomach.
  • Engaged in cleaning “Italian” – Turn cheerful music and dance to it. This not only burn more calories, but also guaranteed to improve your mood!
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