Don’t like running? -Jump!


Don’t like running?-jump!How to bring yourself into shape with jump ropes: exercise.
In addition to reducing excess weight, jumping rope improve your posture, flexibility and sense of balance. Twenty minutes of jumping rope will rid you of 200 calories.
While jumping, perform a small rotational motion of the wrists, ensure that the arm and hand remained almost motionless. Try not to make too big hand movements and keep your hands as close as possible to the body.
►Starting position for all exercises with a rope for weight loss:one in each hand, grab the end of the rope, stand straight with feet together, slightly bend your elbows, so that the brush was located on the hips.
►Exercise 1: single jumps
Get up to the starting position. Start slowly to rotate the jump rope and jump, pushing off the toes. During the landing a bit bend knees. One turn of the rope – one Bouncing. Gradually start to speed up the pace of jumps.
►Exercise 2: jumps straddle
Get up to the starting position. Jumping is similar to running in place: jump alternately on the left and right leg. Jumps of this kind are performed at a fast pace.
►Exercise 3: double jumps
Get up to the starting position. In this exercise, one turn of the rope fall two jumps. Such jumps are performed in a rather slow pace, so use this type of jumping when you need to breath.
►Exercise 4: jumping in hand
Jump turns left, then right.
►Exercise 5: jumping back and forth
Take turns jumping back and forth.
First, do each exercise for two minutes, gradually increasing the time. Perform this set of exercises three times a week and after one and a half months you will notice good results .

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