As there is a before and after the gym

As there is a before and after the gym

As there is a before and after the gym.

You have heard the recommendation not to eat two hours before and three hours after the workout? We propose to use a new council: to fitness has been an expert on, come on training full.

Fitness calories and essential part of food proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Energy for the movement is taken primarily from carbohydrates, proteins used as a material for the restoration of organs and tissues (in particular muscle) after exercise. The usual recommendation fitness: 20-25% of calories from protein to obtain 20% from fat, 55-60% from carbohydrates.

How many calories you need on fitness?

How to calculate how many calories you need? The daily rate consists of several components. The so-called “basal metabolic energy” – the calories needed to heart beating, lungs breathing, and so on. N. The greater the weight, the more energy is needed. The older a person is, the less energy it needs.

If you weigh more than 80 kg (female) and 90 kg (male) still look the last line.

If you’re an ordinary urban lifestyle (ie, not working as a loader or a professional dancer with the appropriate physical activity), then add myself another 400-500 calories a day. It’s normal, everyday activities.

Fitness requires further 200-500 calories, depending on the intensity of your workout. It is through these final 200-500 kcal can build muscle, lose fat or gain weight so that he does not precisely deposited on the stomach, and distributed evenly throughout the body.


Whatever goal you set does not, eating before a workout should consist mainly of the most carbohydrates, which give energy to fitness. For 60-40 minutes before the start of classes, eat a bowl of cereal, pasta, cereal – the so-called “slow” (long digestible) carbohydrates. Did not have time? Then, no later than 15 minutes before the workout Float “fast” (fast-digesting) carbohydrates – a banana, a slice of bread or rolls, jellies, marshmallows. Previously, they can not be there, because the body will begin to actively produce the hormone insulin, and in the classroom, you’ll be sluggish and weak.

Fat, protein and fiber before a workout eat as little as possible: they have a long time to digest, and to be engaged on a full stomach is not worth it. The same applies to fiber – you need 3-4 hours to the stomach time to get rid of it.

Meat, fish, cheese (products of protein and fat), vegetables (fiber), biscuits, chocolate and cakes (carbs + lots of fat) before training unacceptable. Of course, to cook porridge with milk or drip a little oil in a potato or pasta is not forbidden.

One final note – about condiments and sauces. Fatty, you know, can be quite a bit. Sharp, alas, provoke thirst, so during your workout, you’ll always want to drink.


After a workout, the general rule: eat for 40-60 minutes, or feel tired for a few days. And the immune system decreases. From your end goals, too much depends.
Want to lose weight? Every day eat 200-300 calories less than normal (the day the training is still a little more than normal). After the lesson: vegetables and protein (low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken breast without skin, lean fish for a couple).

Do you want to build muscle? On the day of training, add 30-60 grams of protein to your diet. After a workout, eat “slow” carbohydrates and low-fat protein (cheese with muesli, boiled veal with buckwheat, seafood with rice).

If you want just a little femininity to gain weight? Calorie-day leave, how to calculate the (main energy of the exchange + 400-500 on daily activity + 200-500 on fitness). After a workout, eat something, consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and fats together: for example, a normal-fat cottage cheese and fruit salad with a piece of corn bread.

And finally, most importantly: even the right food should be tasty! No pleasure is no effect. Look, try, choose on their own.

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