Tip of the day: do not forget to train the muscles of the arms

Tip of the day: do not forget to train the muscles of the arms

Tip of the day: do not forget to train the muscles of the arms.

During training, the women tend to focus on exercises for the waist, hips, buttocks and press, forgetting his hands. But the hands of our age issue more clearly than anything else.

If you are not working on your hands, then age will notice that the skin lost tone (become flabby and saggy) and there were fat (usually in the area of ​​the triceps). It looks very unattractive. Of course, such deficiencies can be hidden in the cold season, wearing clothes with long sleeves, but in the heat so dress will be problematic and harmful to health. For clothing, inappropriate weather, you can disrupt the body’s thermoregulation.

In addition to the aesthetic side of the issue, you need to know that the muscles of the arms are often the cause of incorrect posture – only strong muscles can support the back in the correct position, preventing slouch.

Women often refuse to shake the hand muscles, fearing excessive purchase relief, which will make them look like men. We hasten to reassure: to develop the muscles to such a condition as a man, a woman must deal with almost every day in the hall, with a maximum time of intense exercise power. Just a woman’s body is not physiologically predisposed to a set of similar muscle size.

Many of us believe in the miraculous power of cosmetics or rely on the skill of plastic surgeons, so people think that fitness hand they do not need. But some funds, in principle, do not help to achieve the desired, and others – provide only a temporary effect. This means that you always have to ask for help to them, spending considerable sums on them, or “go under the knife.”

Exercises for the muscles in the arms, in principle, useful, affordable and most importantly – allow you to determine the duration of the effect itself: while you are working with these muscles, they meet you beautiful relief and taut skin.

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