Tip of the day: for every age has its own type of fitness

Tip of the day: for every age has its own type of fitness

Tip of the day: for every age has its own type of fitness.

Features and characteristics of the organism is directly related with age, so it’s important to choose exercises that meet our age

20-30 years

At this age, optimally alternating cardio with power. For this perfect lesson in the gym, as well as group programs. Feel free to give any burden on the muscle groups, focusing on the muscles of the legs, back and the press – they lose their elasticity in the first place. Generally at this age restrictions, except for the individual, there is: a maximum lead an active lifestyle.

30-40 years

At this age, there are already restrictions on load and intensity exercise: Now bone tissue gradually lose its strength, and strength, and joints become less mobile. Eliminate the practice of jumping, swings his arms and legs and jerky movements, discard the step-aerobics and avoid heavy loads on the spine. Pay attention to the practice of yoga, pilates, streytchingom to help strengthen and restore the elasticity of ligaments and tendons, and reduce stress on the joints.

At this age, the weight starts to increase due to lower hormone levels. So do not forget about the fat-burning cardio and aerobics, swimming, dancing and horse riding. Pay attention to the muscles of specific problem areas. Training should take place at a moderate pace, and last about 60 minutes.


This age is considered the most dangerous to the health of joints and bones, besides, most women at this time of menopause. Emphasizes aerobic classes and include classes breathing exercises. Avoid any sudden movements and jumps.

At this time, it begins the most rapid weight gain, so try as much as possible to strengthen the muscles of the inner thighs, lumbar muscles, abdominal muscles and chest and arms. Training should be carried out at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

At this age, the body quickly loses moisture, so drink a day at least 1.5 liters of water, keep the water balance during exercise, drinking two glasses of mineral water without gas for an hour.

50 years and more

At this age, to give up physical activities should not be. This regular exercise helps maintain muscle tone, strengthen bones and prevent the emergence of excess weight negatively affects the work of all internal organs.

Replace intense cardio jog or leisurely pace on a treadmill and regular outdoor exercise, perform simple stretching exercises, yoga.

Tip of the day: for every age has its own type of fitness
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