Tip of the Day from the X-Fit: be sure to take time workout

Tip of the Day from the X-Fit: be sure to take time workout

Tip of the Day from the X-Fit: be sure to take time workout.

Proper warm-up should precede any exercise, warm up the muscles because the joints and develop a need to prepare the body for the upcoming stress and avoid injury. To be effective warm-up, the following key rules of its implementation.

How do the workout?

  • Perform warm-up exercises, start slowly and quietly, and then gradually increase the pace.
  • Apart from the general warm-up exercises for sure stretch muscles, which are planning to focus on during training. If you are going to work out all the muscle groups, perform stretching all the major muscle: chest, back, hips, arms and shoulders.
  • In general, warm-up should not be too intense: your job is to prepare yourself for stress and not to spend all the forces before training.
  • Perform warm-up for at least 5 minutes, in an ideal – 10 minutes. However, if you are engaged in the hall, where the cool, increase the duration of the warm-up for a few minutes, and do not forget to wear a tracksuit, keeping warm.
  • Coaches recommend a warm-up before each strength exercise. This is a warm-up approaches. Use a weight equal to 50-70% of your work and do it with no more than 10-12 repetitions. Pause between such approaches should be no more than a minute.
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