Walk on foot and lose weight!

Walk on foot and lose weight

Walk on foot and lose weight!

Walking – ingeniously simple way to lose weight. Reset 5 kilograms by daily walking for 10 weeks. Walking reduce hunger and burn calories without strict diets.

Basic rules for success

  • The more you go through the day, the better. Do deliberately short detour when you are traveling on foot from point A to point B. Total half-hour walks a day – it burned 3,500 calories per week, or minus 0.5 kg.
  • Make sure that you have with them has always been a comfortable pair of shoes, then you will be able to walk at any opportunity.
  • Leave the car for a couple of blocks from the venue. Park at the farthest from the entrance of your office or supermarket parking lot. So you make a few extra steps, and put the car easier!
  • Try to take the stairs instead of the elevator and escalator.

Why it works

Stress retreats

Lose hard if you are “seizing” stress. Besides, in this state, go slowly kilograms. Daily walks in the fresh air – an excellent prevention of stress.
You burn calories

When walking, you burn about 300 calories per hour, but you also work “for the future”. The fact that walking strengthens the muscles and the more muscle mass, the more is the burning of calories.

Your appetite is suppressed

Physical activity of moderate intensity – to them and is walking – suppress hunger. If the active run spent mainly carbohydrate stores, and after exercise can savagely hungry, when walking, especially long-term, 30 to 60 minutes, the energy is drawn from fat reserves. Fat burning, there would not be desirable – ideal for weight loss!

16 000 steps to the waist

Most of us know that in the good we should do 10,000 steps a day, and it’s great if it is only about health. However, studies show that you need more steps, if you want to use walking as a means of weight loss. Remember that are taken into account all the steps – in while walking, and when you take out the garbage or go to the dining room.

Walking is a very effective way to lose weight because you can fairly easily avoid the temptation to skip the walk. Running or workout in the fitness center may seem inaccessible at busy work days, but you can talk yourself into a bit of a walk, even if you are very tired.

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