Scotland: where to go and what to try

Scotland: where to go and what to try

Scotland: where to go and what to try

Scotland: where to go and what to try. Scotland’s culinary reputation is even worse than in the whole of Albion. That there is even a chocolate bar Mars, deep fried! And it was a ridiculous dish it first comes to mind for many foreign visitors Scotland. Save the situation can only be a glass of whiskey, is not it? However, the situation is much better than you can imagine. The main thing – to understand what and where to look. And you know, with those who Scotia opens its secrets, it remains up to the end.

Acquaintance with the most logical Scotland with Edinburgh. And it is desirable to plan a route so as to be in the capital, the morning of the Sabbath day, get up early and take a walk on the “terrace” with views of the castle. There’s noise before lunch market where bring their vegetables, herbs, fish and meat local farmers. A glance at the shelves is enough to get an idea of ​​the “Scottish diet”: root vegetables and all kinds of unimaginable colors, unseen by us varieties of cabbage, greens and lush bouquets staggering variety of salads. Beef, lamb, horned and feathered game Cut and packaged in such a way that the famous British culinary writer Elizabeth David, once lamented the complete inability to deal with the British butchers meat properly, could now be proud! For artisan bread and chocolate, farm cheese and smoked products queues: those who know a lot about food, it becomes more and more.

Scotland: where to go and what to try

Truly Royal Mile

G & V Hotel is located on the Bridge of George IV, on the side adjacent to the Royal Mile – a series of streets that cross the old center of the capital. The name is no accident: The total length of the streets, is about one Scottish mile (1.81 km – even the miles they have their own!), Connecting Edinburgh Castle, which houses the crown of Scotland, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the British monarchy.
Walk along the Royal Mile can last a few days: there is enough “bread and circuses.” It seems there is no reason to leave the tourist center of the city, but this is a very misleading impression, especially if one of the objectives of the visit – a real Scottish food.

Scotland: where to go and what to try

Stars Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, five restaurants with a Michelin star and countless recommend various reputable guides and guides institutions easier. Many are located in the picturesque area of ​​the old port on the river Leith.
Names of local chefs at the hearing, but they are not always associated with Scotland. For example, Tom Kitchin, this Scot with an angelic appearance and name, that when choosing a Profession simply left him another chance (Kitchin consonant with Kitchen, ie kitchen), in addition to the two “star” restaurants opened gastropub The Scran & Scallie, serving traditional Scottish home-cooked food with a modern touch. Kitchin likes to use local ingredients, “I can find a lot of exciting products right at the threshold – is not it the dream of every chef!”
His colleague and fellow Martin Wizard in all of its restaurants, is committed to high cuisine, but like Kitchin, uses mostly Scottish ingredients. The name of any dish from the menu Martin will present difficult to pronounce the proper name. Do you know what it means? The name of the point on the map where fished scallops and grazing sheep, a special grown beets from which cooked crispy macaroon made cheese or used for its filling.
“Today we have to emphasize the local origin of the products, but I dream of the day when it will be granted. I hope that in ten years this day would come. ”

We’ll go to the North

“Scottish larder” just filled with the healthiest foods in the world, they are close – in the mountains, plains, rivers and seas of the two has everything you need and more – stay away and take it! “We were terribly lucky, you only need to remember how to dispose of these treasures,” – says our gastronomic guide Scotland Brenda Anderson.

Scotland: where to go and what to try

The road north to Perth, runs through the endless meadows bright yellow – it blooms canola. “Why do we have olive oil, if we have our own oil, rapeseed oil – not worse!”
Five years ago, a certain Michael Small loudly announced his decision not to use any products which mestoproiskhozhdeniya deleted from home more than 50 miles. An exception was made only for coffee, chocolate and bananas, too strongly, they entered into the diet.
Since the voluntary sanctions joined by thousands of Scots and Fayfsky diet (Fife’s Diet) is perhaps the most valuable in the world. In general, not surprising, because it is based on fish and seafood, cheese, greens and root vegetables, berries, rapeseed and oats. By the way, the oats are raised to the status of national heritage. Firstly, it is ideally growing in a wet Scottish climate. Secondly, oats perfectly clears the field of disease, so they alternated crops of any other crop. As a consequence – oats were always a lot, and it was cheap.

This French Scotland

We were fortunate to stay at Barley Bree – family restaurant with rooms for overnight stays. Behind the kitchen is responsible Fabrice Botelho. Frenchman Fabrice, but well versed in local foods and methods of treatment. In general, French cuisine is close to the Scots from the XIII century, when France supported Scotland during the next conflict with Britain.
His style Fabrice calls “rustic chic with a French accent”: traditional, exclusively local products prepared with the latest technologies and are served with a simple Izzy society. On Sundays he, as expected, gives a real roast beef, which it is impossible to refuse. Incidentally, one of the world’s best meat breeds of cattle is of Scottish descent, which is reflected in its name – the Aberdeen Angus. In Shotladnii, however, Angus has a competitor: longhorn breed representatives and shaggy Scottish highland. Her lean, but very soft, almost dietary meat.

Scotland: where to go and what to try

Where to go:

  • Sit down at a table near the window and drink a cup of tea in the Elephant House on the Bridge of George IV. View this modest cafe – dark castle on the right, the school on the hill – inspired JK Rowling to create novel about Harry Potter, made famous by her and the institution.
  • Go to the pub, where in addition to napit Cove serves authentic Scottish pies. For example, in The Pot Still in Glasgow, which in addition to an excellent selection of cakes, ale and porter, is famous also an impressive collection of craft whiskey.
  • To go to the city of Perth, on the distillery “Glenturret” led to the master, but based on the personal views of the beautiful make their own unique blend of five single malts. It is very exciting activity and a wonderful souvenir!

What to try:

Scottish breakfast

It certainly includes the very haggis, sung by Robert Burns – a ram’s stomach stuffed with giblets richly peppered with ubiquitous oatmeal. In addition to the haggis on a plate are fried mushrooms, bacon, tomato and eggs: scrambled eggs or fried eggs. Toast, butter (often salty), jam – also part of the breakfast, for not weak in spirit!

Scotland: where to go and what to try

Scotch whiskey

Scottish whiskey or simply Scotch is probably the main gastronomic associations connected with that country. The first record of the sale of distilled beverage made from barley was made in the book of expenses and income of the royal family in 1494. Nearly two hundred years of distilling whiskey involved in virtually all and sundry, as for the organization of the process required a great barley growing in Scotland but with a good stream of water. But in 1644 it was a tax on whiskey, and a significant portion viskokuren chose to go into hiding. As a result, after 150 years in the country there were 8 legal producers of barley and 400 distillate – “self-racers.” In the middle of the XIX century, when phylloxera destroyed vineyards, leaving the Europeans without wine and brandy, whiskey all remembered. Legislation and taxation softened formulated clear requirements for quality and labeling, and a new era in the life of shotlanskogo whiskey. Today “little viskokurenie” back in vogue, has a completely legitimate. No, the modern “bootleggers” do not compete with well-known brands, they just believe that every bottle of whiskey of quality will find a buyer.

Scotland: where to go and what to try

The famous shortbread – short delirium.
Due to the huge amount of butter it literally melts in your mouth and never stale. And this is the first that presented as a gift on Christmas morning.
Fruit cake, really entirely composed of dried fruits, linked a drop test. This cupcake magic – the longer kept, the tastier it becomes.
Fudge and oat bread. You’ll want to prepare them at home, so grab with a reference sample.

Scotland: where to go and what to try

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