Israel: where to go and what to try

Israel: where to go and what to try

Israel: where to go and what to try.

As Israel gathers his people all over the world, and the new Israeli cuisine combines ancient and modern, restaurant and home traditions of different countries. Hebrews bequeathed to live in joy, because they are treated and guests are always generous and fun.

Where to go


The best humuserii city – a tiny institution known as Ali Caravan in Old Jaffa. From 6 am standing here turn on the surrounding ruins beautifully situated places clients with plates of hummus. However, local hipsters prefer another place – Garger hazahav near market Lewinsky – cafe with an open kitchen where the hosts colorful character in piercing and tattoos. Here hang fashionable guys who shared breakfast with their dogs.


Cafe “Ras al hanut” where the treat whole baked cauliflower with olive oil, and a mixture of vegetables, baked in parchment.
The bakery-confectionery Adouelafia, operating here since 1879. They make traditional sweets and breads and other baked goods, for which many specially come from other areas of Tel Aviv.

Ras al hanut

In the old Jaffa has an art object – an orange tree, which is suspended on the ropes in the stone egg. It symbolizes the achievement of Israeli agriculture, because in just a few decades, the local desert into a plantation of olives, oranges, tomatoes … “And on stones trees grow” – perhaps it’s about Israel said. By the way, extremely flavorful and juicy oranges from Jaffa – this is a local specialty, it is because they make the famous orange cake.

The coffee shop in old Jaffa Basma. Hostess cafe Alia makes coffee and pastries for his Lebanese grandmother’s recipes. Especially good maamul – rings stuffed with date paste and sprinkled with sesame seeds and sweet Bedouin, for example, firewood sumsumit.

Jaffa Basma

Tel Aviv

The market Lewinsky in the shop Pereg Spices, where two cheerful old lady selling various herbs – Sumac, Zaatar, saffron, and most importantly – the original mixture, for example, medzhadaru (Fig lentils, raisins, herbs and roasted onions). Boil 20 minutes, and it turns bright fragrant dish. Some mixtures do not need to cook – a mix of fried onions with pistachios and herbs sprinkled with good mashed potatoes or baked potatoes; peanuts with herbs and olive oil is perfect for bulgur, quinoa and vegetable salads.

Tel Aviv

In the confectionery Albert. An old dilapidated facility c battered furniture, the best of times, where they make magnificent marzipan, “wet” meringue and other goodies. Dusty places plastered with dozens of glass colored papers – restaurant guide annual Albert recommends local and itinerant sweet tooth.

The market Carmel – flea market here on Fridays and food market. Many street food – falafel, donuts, burek, pies, Venezuelan and Mexican dishes. The huge pans fry vegetables, kebabs and Shakshuk. Immediately squeeze fresh juices and fruit mixes do.

The market Carmel

The chocolate shop Ika, which opened in the city of Ica chocolatiers Cohen. Ica works in tandem with the Danish pastry Peter Sveningsenom, and this pair has already won several international competitions. Ica came up with an unusual water ganache for sweets, for which use clean water with a neutral flavor Iskilde. This, by the way, is served in the restaurant Noma. The second discovery, Ike brought a lot of awards – from olive oil ganache. Peter previously worked as a graphic designer, then became interested in desserts, and now vengeance is experimenting with different kinds of chocolate and fillings. Ica is confident that he can make the best chocolate in Izrale and compete with the world’s leading chocolatiers.


The restaurant Eucalyptus. Moshe Basson, chef and restaurant owner restores the Old Testament prescriptions are not using products that Lock-scheny rules of kashrut, but extensive use of new technologies and Cooking equipment. Eucalyptus – a restaurant with traditional cuisine of the revolutionary, strange as it may sound. Chef Basson – Chef generalists, and in his restaurant all thoroughly decorous and noble.

The restaurant Machane Yehuda. Three chefs owner invent every day a new menu from the products they have bought in the morning on the under side of the same name market. The main star of this trio – Assaf Granit, he leads a culinary TV show Knifes fights – analogue of the famous show Master chef.

What to try

Hummus. Mistaken are those who think like hummus – a spread made of bread. Yes, fall on them the wrath of Yahweh! Hummus – Israel is “our everything”. One of the main local specialties, and most running an ingredient in many dishes. Do you want to eat on the go, all the products will lay in pita want quiet meal at the table – put on a plate. Options hummus few – have Fula hummus with fava beans, Egyptian, has mesabaha – hummus, which is made 24 hours and served warm, and finally – the most popular option – cold creamy substance, homogeneous or peas cooked chickpeas.

The hummus is served boiled cauliflower, its abundant added to the bake-WIDE peppers and eggplant in a variety of salads. Many restaurants use hummus as a base-pad for vegetable and meat dishes. A few years ago it even made ice cream flavored hummus, but it is not particularly popular, the Israelis prefer the original version.


Hatsilim – Israel’s traditional snack. In fact it is a variation of the famous baba ghanoush – baked eggplant cleaned, crushed pulp in a blender along with the fried onions and garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and tehina. Some even add brown sugar.

Local chocolate orange liqueur Sabra.

Shakshuk – scrambled eggs with peppers and tomatoes. By the way, shakshuka – the theme for the experiments of young chefs that make green Shakshuk with spinach and even sashimi-Shakshuk. Young chefs are trying to create a new Israeli cuisine – experimenting with recipes of grandmothers who came from different countries. Thus is born the modern culinary style of Israel.


Top 10 Israeli specialties:

hummus, Shakshuk, shavarmu, Sabiha, falafel, Labanom with Zaatar (a fermented milk drink or a creamy cheese with spices), feta and watermelon, a mixture of fresh berries and fruit, coffee Hafuch (“inverted coffee” – something between a cappuccino and latte) dry red wine from the region and the Judean Hills limonanu (lemon juice in a blender with crushed mint leaves, sugar and ice).

Top 10 Israeli specialties

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