Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

There are flying foxes and bread grows on trees. Year-round and summer and on the palms of the most delicious fruits ripen on the planet. It’s easy and pleasant to get lost in time and space, because this place is not on a normal map. But here every day and fly regular flights like mushrooms after the rain opened five-star hotels. This place – Seychelles

Placer tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean at various times belonged to the French, the British. Local stores Creole influence of the colonizers, although at first glance look more like a gibberish. The English called him “a drunken French” and Seychellois convinced themselves that they speak almost classical language of Rabelais and Dumas. Simply, they do believe that they live in the best place on earth, and that the work of Captain motorboat or taxi driver – the most beautiful in the world.

Cinnamon under my window

Cinnamon and vanilla – the two main components of the export of the Seychelles, to leave without them did not. It is no wonder that the culture of their use here is developed to perfection: the sauce with these spices do dazhedlya fish. Young, still krasnovatyelistya cinnamon added to soups and sousyvmesto laurel and vanilla put in belyyvinny vinegar instead of garlic or basil. No spices in general anywhere – onisostavlyayut basis curry, with their core pomoschyumarinuyut palm trees and barbecue. Although the food here is almost everything that grows – from immature jackfruit and breadfruit make tortillas, papaya – salad, green bananas, boiled potatoes, and baked ihlistyah fish on the coals. There’s even a tree growing under the name 4 épices, ie four spices – it leaves dayutaromat three kinds of pepper and curry.

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

To see all the diversity of the local world of flora and fauna (for example, all 15 varieties growing here bananas), just enough to go to the capital market, which is open in the morning, then look at Le Restaurant du Marché, from the terrace offering spectacular views of the market Square – and get out of there with bags of shopping and hundreds of photos.

Do not hurry, and then have time

Saturday barbecue – this is something that is worth specifically to go to any one of the beaches of the island. Celebration of life, food, dance and love weekend residents arranged on each free space. Poor people here, so that is baked on the coals all caught on the day. By the sea bass are excellent podmarinovannoe mango and green papaya salad and shrimp go to curry.

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

The largest island of the archipelago downright teems with life: the capital’s restaurants vying offer Italian, Creole, Indian food, and even a “fish and chips”. To understand all this diversity, the help can not hurt. In addition to the local little help: restaurants – it is the prerogative of tourists, ordinary Seychellois they simply can not afford. It is necessary to study the guide Gourmet – he is at the airport and in all offices of tourism: there are all the passwords, turnout at restaurants and clubs, and deciphering the names of the most popular local dishes. With this knowledge you can go to Victoria.

About this tiny town will tell you a lot of myths – from the fact that it is the smallest capital in the world, to the point that the main attraction of the city is the only traffic light in the Seychelles. The latter, by the way, the truth, so it makes sense to start sightseeing from here, however, from a practical point of view – here it is worth to come back to catch a taxi pirate (the one who is engaged transported without a license), which will take you home anytime day and night. If you find yourself in the city in the middle of the day, somewhere between twelve and two o’clock, take a look around. You will find that all the residents of the offices, which are located in the center, are sent to the same place and go there with the cherished white boxes and forks.

It is not accepted to go to lunch in a restaurant, or to carry food with you for lunch all go for a portion of rice with a salad and hot take-away. Observe them – and you are provided with food is ten times cheaper restaurant and fantastically tasty, though very simple. The standard portion of rice is added pork (chicken or shrimp) in sweet and sour sauce or chicken curry or squid or fish. And you can take two different “filler.” It smells and it is breathtakingly so much that during lunch, even the most distant and hard-to-gateway can be found by smell.

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

All have the same traffic during city festivals opens pirshstvo street food – fried here, soar and cook everything from rice to chicken legs, from squid to fish sticks, burgers from a perch to the curry with coconut milk.

A little further on, just above the area of ​​the Clock Tower (another reference point) is an open terrace restaurant Le Rendez-Vous – the climate allows them to basically do not have a closed room. Everywhere placed a vase with fruit and cinnamon, and the specialty here is the homemade sorbet – of all that your heart desires. Another menu salad salted mango with marlin, sea bass in a vanilla-cinnamon sauce (highly recommend – very unusual and delicious), all kinds of curry, fresh juices and cocktails. Two steps away, also on the second floor – Sam’s Pizza, where pizza is not too often. But there is perch and Afar Creole tomato sauce and fans that at +40 ° C – an undoubted argument.

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

Zimbabwe and black pearls: Praslin

The second largest island of the Seychelles is famous coconut forest, listed in the list of protected sites, of UNESCO’s most beautiful beach areas of Africa Anse Lazio, pearl farms (here grow even black pearls) and the only one in the whole of Praslin disco Oxigen. There are even Zimbabwe – the highest mountain of the island, from which flow down the river, forming a fantastic beauty of the granite riverbed and waterfalls. It is difficult to believe that all this is created by nature, not subtle mathematical calculation. This also courting couples come to see the sunset – the best viewing platform you can imagine.
The coconut forest Vallee de Mai is sure to go, and always with a guide. It will show how to grow vanilla, talk about the difficult fate of coconut palms. If you are lucky, you will see black cockatoos and certainly hear the glug-glug bird. It is supported by the most natural environment, so the memory will not be able to make even pieces of shell. But if you find svezheraskoloty nut, tear off a piece of textile inner lining and smell – it smells while coconut, mango, passion fruit, banana, mint and a lot of what else.

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

Rest of the rest: La Digue and Curieuse

It seems to be currently living all his life on the sandy shore of the blue sea, year-round warm and welcoming. Where are the rest? It turns out that Seychellois have two favorite places, where they are sent as soon as possible – this island Curieuse and La Digue. The first entirely given residence permits under the tortoises, of which there are in excess. For some time after these animals taken under state protection, they do not eat here. So eat a snail soup will fail. From the east
coast of Praslin on Curieuse can get in a few minutes. By tradition, the path starts with a Turtle Beach. It is home to young and still quite vigorous creation of a decent-sized dinosaur, which for years 16-18. They eat anything that gets in their sight, and just love the leaves of the trees, to which does not reach. So tear a couple of twigs and feed them, if not frightened. Although there are quite a peaceful and happy to give pat yourself under the neck, like a cat.
Here in a small aviary live up to 7 years and the kids: these nurseries send newly hatched turtles, something they would not have fallen victim to huge blue crabs. Live turtles 300 years old, the oldest on the island of about 160. It is called Mike Tyson and sent to the indoor paddock because she was bitten by a tourist.

What to bring:


You can restrict the traditional vanilla and cinnamon, but it is better to allocate the time and go to Le Jardin du Roi on the beach of Anse Royale, the largest garden of spices in the Seychelles: here are grown over a thousand species of grass.


They make a very good rum from sugar cane, named after a local tree and the area – “Takamaka”. The most delicious – and a gold coconut, caramel and vanilla.

Coco d’Amour

Best coconut liqueur in the world. While Seychellois sure that they have everything – the best in the world. Look at the company store rum drinks at the airport – you will not regret.

Where to go and what to try: Seychelles

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