Bolognese Ragu: The main specialty of Emilia Romagna

Bolognese Ragu: The main specialty of Emilia Romagna

Bolognese Ragu: The main specialty of Emilia Romagna.

Italians often talk about Emilia-Romagna “The food here is not a joke!”, And it’s true. Local cuisine is riddled with myths and based on unshakable traditions. There tortellini modeled on the navel of Venus.

And there tagliatelle gold standard, which is stored in the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna. According to him the width of cooked and serve pasta should be equal to 8 mm. This size corresponds to 1/12270 part of the height of the famous Leaning Tower Asinelli in Bologna.

The food here is not a joke

Here Pellegrino Artusi, a merchant, a trader in silk, created the concept of “Italian cuisine,” published in 1891 a collection of recipes “nutrition science and the art of cooking delicious food.” Today, the total circulation of the book-more than a million copies and is among the three most widely read books in Italy. By the way, in the first place a fairy tale about Pinocchio Carlo decks.

Cult Bolognese

Like any cult, local cuisine and authentic dishes have faithful servants. With one of them I met at a master class at the Academy of Barilla in Parma. Positive and friendly chef Tommaso Moroni with a merry twinkle in his eyes instantly turned into a strict and captious teacher as soon as it came to classic Emilia-Romagna – ragu bolognese:

“Bolognese absolutely can not do with the spaghetti. Just north of egg tagliatelle. In this dish, such pasta and ground meat, like brother and sister. It is impossible to separate them and impose their foreign relatives. ”
Tomaso knows what he says. After all, this stew glorified the name of Bologna throughout the world, as well as water-resistant fabric of the same name, invented and produced the first time in this city. And the chief Moroni stands guard classic recipes, from the selection of ingredients and ending with serving dishes. Moreover, the recipe bolognese officially approved by the Bologna representative of the Italian Academy of cuisine and the notarial deed deposited in the city’s Chamber of Commerce October 17, 1982.

Cult Bolognese

According to Tommaso, except for cooking stews and homemade pasta minced meat of beef and pork only three vegetables: carrots, onions and celery. Carrot gives the dish a sweet taste, onion – bitter, and celery in allows the meat to maintain an attractive and appetizing color. Plus, dry red wine, tomato paste, bay leaf, salt, freshly ground pepper and a little water or vegetable broth for extinction.

Vegetables and meat should be fried in a mixture of butter and olive oil. A feeding prepared with minced vegetables and pasta should be sure to mix and add a pinch of grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Chief highlighted that a definite and important dishes, plus the fact that it can be left unattended on the stove for an hour or more.

Vegetables and meat should

“According bolognese ragout can be judged on the quality of the restaurant,” – summed up his workshop Tomaso. “If the Italian abroad meet the institution where the menu is the” spaghetti bolognese “, it means that the cook has no idea of ​​authentic Italian cuisine.”

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