How to cook a delicious cheesecake

How to cook a delicious cheesecake

How to cook a delicious cheesecake.

Cheesecake. Word what: warm, cozy, a bit lazy and tasty. Just want to pour a cup of tea, take a round plump cake with filling in the middle and sit by the stove.

Let’s start with the filling

Classic cheesecake, of course, with cheese, sweet. But the savory, fried onion or herbs are also very tasty. If you are going to make cheesecake on the basis of yeast, the filling can be enjoyed until the dough is suitable. In other cases it is better to cook it immediately, otherwise you will be engaged in cottage cheese or vegetables, and the dough starts to dry out in the meantime.
Cottage cheese filling is necessary to rub through a sieve, but if it makes you silent horror, that is fine, and a blender. For a taste, smoothness and simplify the process you need to add a few spoonfuls of sour cream and then the egg yolks, sugar and a little flour. With cheese go well with vanilla, raisins or dried fruit pieces.

Before you shell out any moist stuffing, place it should sprinkle bread crumbs. You will need one small thing, but such a maneuver would not get wet dough.

Stuffing can be spread normal spoon, a special spoon for ice cream, or is deposited from a pastry bag with a nozzle with a large hole. If the nozzle has teeth, it will not only accurately, but also smart. Of course, the more toppings so delicious cheesecake. But the surplus may leak over the edge, so we will comply with the measure: for the dough from 500 g of flour to cook, you need at 300-350 g filling.

Let's start with the filling


Depending on the type of test and changing the way in which “going to” cheesecake. Puff testotrebuet especially careful handling. That it has retained its charm, it can only roll in one direction and only once. For this reason, it is not necessary edge layered cheesecake zaschipyvat “rope.” Take two circular recesses, one the size of the expected cheesecake, the second – somewhat less. By the way, the smaller the size you want the cheesecake, the thinner should roll out the dough. Cut out two circles more notch, then use at recess in one of the circles we shall take out the middle and get the ring. Circle smazhem egg or moistened with water, and put on top of the ring.

The remaining midway circles is best to use, say, cookies in the form in which they are, because the crease rolled out puff pastry is not recommended. Coat the slices of egg or egg yolk or condensed milk diluted with water (for sweet biscuits), and can be used for sprinkling anything: sugar, cinnamon, poppy seeds, salt, crushed nuts, sesame, Chernushka (Nigella), paprika …

Shortbread and fresh dough is rolled, cut a circle round notch on the middle put the filling, and the free edges of the dough gently zaschipyvayut “wreath” or on the edge of the brace is “rope.”
Yeast dough. From a cheesecake made in several ways. The easiest rasstoennoe roll the dough to a thickness of about 1 cm and circular grooves cut circles and leave them on the baking sheet for proofing (working with yeast dough try to use as little flour podpyleniya hands, a rolling pin and table). Then press the bottom of the cup should be a central part of the circle, in a recess to put the stuffing, and lubricate the edge of the egg. Presses the dough should be hard enough, otherwise it will then rise up and push out the filling.

Do cheesecake in another way: the dough is divided into equal pieces, roll up balls of them and spread on prepared baking for proofing. When the buns “grow” bottom glass pressed them midway. Another option: roll out each bun, put the filling, beautifully zaschipnut edge up to get a basket, and then give another rasstoyatsya. A layer can be rolled dough cut into squares, put stuffing in the center and edges of the dough to connect diagonally and form round buns. Turn and vyschipnut the center piece of dough. Too nice cheesecake turns.

A warm place

A warm place

To better cheesecake browned, you should grease it lightly with beaten egg or egg yolk, melted butter, sour cream, milk, or a mixture thereof in any combination. Puff pastry smeared with caution – egg layers can dazzle and bad cheesecake rise. Sometimes sweet sour cream or melted butter smeared ready hot cheesecake.
Baking time depends on the type of dough and the size cheesecakes. Usually this 15-30 minutes at 180-200 ° C until flushed.

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