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How to cook salad Sunflower



  1. Boil until cooked carrots in their skins, cool, peel and RUB on a medium grater.
  2. Chicken cut in small pieces and fry in vegetable oil until they are tender, sprinkle with salt or curry. Optionally, the meat can be boiled in salted water and then slice.
  3. Boil eggs, cool, peel and grate.
  4. Grind mushrooms, and if you took raw mushrooms, fry them together with onions.
  5. We shall cut half-rings onion leeks.
  6. When all products are prepared and cold, you can put the salad. Take a wide dish and put layers of products, lubricating each mayonnaise in this order: bird, carrots, mushrooms, onions, eggs, corn.
  7. The decor of the salad – it’s a big step. So divide the olives in half crosswise and put them on top of the corn, completely closing it. Circle meals are laid out chips in the form of flower petals. You can add chopped herbs or whole sprigs of dill or parsley.