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Salad with a mozzarella spinach and strawberry




  1. Chicken fillet from a breast will be ideally suited for the salad with a mozzarella spinach and strawberry. But if you cooked other parts of chicken – a shin or hips that it is possible to separate also this meat from bones and to use it in a salad.
  2. Boil until the readiness of chicken fillet in well added some salt water – it is important as salt isn’t added to the salad. Cool, fillet without taking out it from broth. If to take out fillet from water and to shift to cool down on a plate, then the meat will quickly dry and will be dryish. And cooling down in a broth of fillet will keep the juiciness. Salad will manage to be made quicker if you boil chicken fillet in advance and cool it (it can be done since evening, for example).
  3. It is good to wash out spinach and to shake water drops from leaves. Spinach shouldn’t be cut in a salad, therefore, choose small leaves that it was possible to spread out beautifully them on a plate.
  4. Take out the cooled-down chicken fillet from broth and cut into pieces along fibers. Don’t pour out broth because it can be used for the preparation of soup or sauce.
  5. On a flat plate to lay out leaves of spinach and on them to put the cut chicken fillet.
  6. To cut balls of a mozzarella thin to slices. Cut small balls in half. Strawberry wash up, remove tails and cut as well as cheese. That is berries are larger – slices, and small – in half.
  7. To evenly spread out strawberry and cheese from above to leaves of spinach and fillets. The salad is almost ready. There isn’t enough finishing ingredient – balsam sauce. Just before giving to pour salad with balsam sauce, covering all ingredients with thin strips of sauce. That’s all! Bright summer salad with a mozzarella spinach and strawberry is ready!