Strong coffee with cardamom




  1. Fry boxes cardamom on a dry frying pan over medium heat, shaking, 1-2 minutes. Then open them and remove the seeds. Sami boxes are no longer needed.
  2. Put the seeds with the coffee beans in the coffee grinder and grind as finely as possible, literally in the dust. If the device allows the grinder, add the sugar when grinding.
  3. Pour in Turku (pots) 300 ml bottled water, sprinkle in salt, sugar (if you do not milled it with coffee) and ground coffee with cardamom. Do not stir!
  4. Put a Turk on the most basic fire. The first 5 min. do not touch, and then begin to stir, spoon without dropping to the bottom. The longer brewed coffee, so it tastes better. While it cooks, heat the cups, filling them in boiling water to half. After 2-5 min. pour boiling water, cups wipe dry.
  5. When the coffee is close to boiling, lay on the little cups light brown foam. When the cap of foam will begin to rise, preventing the coffee bubbled, Turk remove from heat and immediately pour the coffee cups. Serve immediately