Children and fast food

Children and fast food

Children and fast food.

Not all burgers are equally harmful, and not all granola helpful. The world of children’s food is not so arranged as before. Children are eating less at home. From traditional hearty breakfast threaten to be alone cereal with milk. Teens are almost never had dinner with my parents. Army fans of fast food takes into its ranks more and more young fans. And what are we going to do with all this?

Our ancestors got into the modern world, of course, we would have been struck by cars and telephones. But even more shocked to their place, which in our system of values ​​occupy children. In any traditional society 100 years ago a child was regarded as a defective adult. Cooking for him alone? Specifically? Let glad that all fed!

If this approach is somehow re-mastered humanity once and for all would be forgotten about food thrown into the garbage; for grandmothers, grandchildren cancan dancing in front of a spoonful of soup … and about children are overweight too. But let’s start with the current situation.

Read and believe etikentki digits

Have you ever occur to read labels (or equivalent) to certain children’s products? If you do not come – start soon. You can easily find children’s breakfast – “rings”, “stars”, 100 g of which contains 28 grams of sugar, which is almost one-third, or milkshakes, where a part of no natural product, or a baby pizza with 980 kcal and 1860 mg sodium. And all this we give our own hands children. The mind boggles!

Read and believe etikentki digits

The amazing phenomenon is that many sane parents simply do not realize that their child eats. Fed, healthy, not naughty? So that’s great! In doing so they limit themselves in “harmful food”. If there are those around you, tell them this: since 1980 the number of overweight children in the “civilized world” has grown almost three times. This proved that 70% of obese children will suffer from it for life.

Cartoon Advertising: Stop the motor trade!

Research conducted by American Academy of Pediatrics, showed that children up to 8 years in most cases choose the food that is advertised cartoon characters – is somehow always the food, in which the minimum and maximum calorie nutrients. All global corporations – manufacturers of products for children are well aware that such advertising works, why it is spent more than half a billion dollars a year. And nobody is going to reduce the volume of funding for these campaigns.

Although some changes are still there. In Los Angeles and San Francisco authorities restrict the construction of new “fast fuden.” In Europe, adopted local laws that prohibit the sale of food that does not meet the requirements of nutritionists, toys bait. Someday advertising child fast food will happen the same thing happened to the advertising of cigarettes – it will reduce and then ban all. Ronald McDonald goes finally retired, crazy squirrel from “Ice Age” will leave the breakfast box and Winnie will, as before, to be associated only with honest keg of honey. But how many children to have to get this diabetes?

What products need children?

What should have our children? The daily menu of children older than two years should be based on fresh vegetables and cereals, legumes and vegetables, dairy products, be sure to fish and sometimes meat, and include natural unrefined oils and animal fat quality. In fact, fat is needed, do you hear? Without it, the child will not have enough energy and strength for the inner “construction.” A quality that is now natural butter, kurdjuchnyj mutton fat, poultry fat – just a home, not a factory broilers, pumped with antibiotics. Not need to combine it with bread and pasta, and vegetables – everything except potatoes.

The well-known nutritionist Anatoly Volkov argues that today’s children in terms of nutrition are four main problems. First, children eat too much protein. Second, in their diet only refined foods (flour, rice, pasta, oil, sugar), and there is no sense. Third: the lack of water. That water because they drink at best, juice, soda and more often, disrupting the balance in the body, which need a lot of clean water without additives. And fourth: instead of natural mineral products (yogurt and sour), they get a supposedly helpful (yoghurts and curds), full of sugar, dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Change is something in the diet of your son or daughter on each of these points right tomorrow – and then get off the ground.

Children and adults: eat together

If you want to raise a child who appreciates the proper, healthy food – do not be lazy, eat it yourself, both: pointless to bring in the boy a love for fresh salad, if the pope recognizes only pasties. Want to influence the habits of the child at the table? Sit down at the table together as often as possible. Give children the opportunity to participate in making decisions about what you will be eating this week. This is the same person as you are, he is entitled to his sympathy for one product and antipathy to others.

Children and adults: eat together

Products in the world a lot, and you can always find a compromise. Take your child with you to the store. Talk about the recipes. Talk with your child, ask questions to better know why he likes a food and not like the other. This is called “horizontal hierarchy”. Block and force (“vertical hierarchy”: I am an adult and I order you, and you obey) – with food, this policy runs the worst. Scroll to the scene memory of scandals about the “not-want-not, I will.” Did they ever, ever, led to long-term results?

Book American Pamela Drukerman about how an American mother in Paris learning to raise their children as an example of French, in Russian translation, seems to be called “French children do not spit eating.” It makes sense to check out those who can not find a balance between rigor and democratic.

Preschoolers: A game with a meal and a good example

No need to turn the food for young children in the daily entertainment, but once a week at lunch or dinner, you can put a little more effort and imagination. So, you can build the garden from a tree with fruits, broccoli, raisins, a bed of flowers with petals and vegetable cow-toast. You can make a sandwich in the form of little animals. You can paint the porridge with natural dyes. Nalepa colored ravioli. Put a picture of rice with vegetables. Simply lay out the components of the meal on a plate in the form of funny faces! It is in this “Beat” food that the child will have to wait a whole week, you can, thinking to include healthy foods that every normal young body categorically does not want to put themselves in.

Of course, this does not mean that if your child sick of celery and pears at the sight of it quickly leaves the room, on Fridays it is necessary to try to cram pear jelly with celery ice cream in the form of dwarf. Play fair. Just keep in mind that there are several types of food that are better than others. It meatballs (good fish), mousses and souffles (like fruit, and for cheese and cheese), soups (vegetables and fruits), smoothies and cocktails (vegetable juices, fruit, dairy products), sandwiches and rolls ( bread, whole wheat, fish, cheese, green salads) and, of course, pizza (anything).

Preschoolers: A game with a meal and a good example

And in any case, does not impose on fast food a total ban, even at that age, when you have complete control over the child. From time to time you can try everything. But not as a reward for that whatsoever! Let junk food (junk food) is not associated with the promotion. Your attitude to it should be quite indifferent.

Children and fast food
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