Home brew. Details and subtleties of cooking

Home brew. Details and subtleties of cooking

Home brew. Details and subtleties of cooking.

Perhaps one of the most popular and sought-after summer drinks – kvass. Of course, you can buy in a store or on tap from the barrel. But it is better to prepare yourself. How to do it? Take advantage of a proven recipe. Tatiana Karmashova living in the Altai region, known under the nickname in instagrametatyana_karmashova. Tania specializes in grain ferments and her recipes – the real gold collection for any chef. This time she is kind on our site on your recipe kvass ferment.

Kvass – such a wonderful thing! And most importantly extremely useful, since in its composition has a trillion all vitamins and minerals. However, because of the specificity of kvass, it contains some degree, the degree of which increases in proportion to the amount of sugar in its composition. Just the nature of the kvass affects the temperature at which it is prepared. As is known, at different temperatures, the starter microflora develops differently. At relatively low degrees yeast fermentation lactic dominates, and conversely, at high – lactic bacteria are more active than yeast. And if the bread, we try to find a cool place to avoid the sour taste, then kvass contrary we need warmth.

For sharpness and pennosti kvass good way to use the blend. This is where the finished brew is bottled, sealed and placed for 12-24 hours in the refrigerator. Then lactic fermentation is stopped and did Spahr yeast, releasing carbon dioxide into a liquid. The more residual sugar in kvass in the blend, the more foam will brew and explosive! Be careful – take care of the ceilings!

Great for blending is preparing kvass absolutely no sugar. It is added directly to the bottle before plugging and moving it in a refrigerator. This way you can prepare a refreshing, sweet and sour, okroshechny brew. But here it is important not to overdo it with sugar! Remember: it is always better nedolozhit sugar! Then the next cycle kvass add. It is much safer and easier than scour the ceiling, walls and floor, left with empty bottles of kvass in the hands!
Unfiltered brew is cloudy – that’s normal. It can always be filtered through a gauze.

So, to prepare a little more than 2 liters of kvass leaven need:

2 liters of drinking water, better spring, 3 tbsp. l. wheat flour, 3 tbsp. l. rye flour, 2 tbsp. l. rye fermented malt (and can not), 2-3 tbsp. l. sugar, 1-2 Art. l. any leaven

A small amount of water, mix all ingredients. Further breed all of the resulting mixture into the remaining water. Leave about 1.5 days at room temperature. When the brew is actively bubbling, hissing, and the taste is sharp – so it can be ready to drink. Or gently pour the brew on the bottle, so that the residue did not get into the finished product, tightly cover and refrigerate. If the first brew make markups without the use of sugar, and for bottling added to 1 liter of 0.5 hours. The l to 2 STE le sugar and left in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours more, then it will foam. But most likely, it will foam and, if you just make it sweet, and deliver, cork in the refrigerator. You just have to seize the moment.

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