How to prepare tea from herbs collected in the summer

How to prepare tea from herbs collected in the summer

How to prepare tea from herbs collected in the summer.

After the summer are not only numerous photographs, traces of tan and good memories. Many are stocking all kinds of aromatic herbs, leaves and flowers that then – in the autumn and winter – to cook them tea and other warming drinks. So, the time has come. Reach for their stocks, and we will create a miracle! Morning tea with wild rose and herbs will wake you up. A cup of black tea with currant leaves arrange to unhurried evening conversation. Tea with chamomile and oregano will drive away the cares of the day and allow tight sleep. And even herbal teas great treat various diseases.

How to choose

Regarding the choice of the actual teas for the mixture – here you have to start from the maximum simplicity of taste. For mixing teas are suitable only unscented. Jasmine green tea – the only exception, and then only in the case where your supplements have a very delicate flavor that will not be able to score jasmine.

Forget for a moment about your favorite Earl Grey and oolong, prefer Assam tea, English breakfast or a simple but high-quality green Gun Powder. And remember that black tea has a dominant flavor than green, so he is more suited bitter herbs and spices (such as sage and pepper).

But mostly herbs can be combined with any type of tea: black, green and white. Only if they are cooked to the soft water to the taste and flavor of the tea was able to open up completely.

How to mix

Herbal supplements for tea can be very simple, single component, and can be complex charges – from two to ten herbs. Combine them with each other should be, of course, to taste, but there are still some rules. Typically, a mixture dominated by a single component, such as rosemary or currant or mint – and play along with the rest of it only.
If you want to experiment with a strong smell, at least choose them from different “areas”. For example, herbs, leaves, plus berry bushes, plus spices. Whole spices – cinnamon, star anise, dried roots of ginger, mace, cloves, anise, vanilla, allspice – give levies a special charm. They provide not only an amazing flavor, but also a lot of vitamins! Take them to help citrus – their juice and zest, and the number of possible variants is not the limit.

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