The impact strength of wine to taste it

The impact strength of wine to taste it

The impact strength of wine to taste it.

For a long time, it was thought that the wine with a high content of alcohol has a more intense flavor and more like consumers than “weak” wine. Recent research scientists refute this assertion.

Neurologist Ram Frost of the Basque Center of intelligence, brain and language published on the portal Plos One publicly available the results of such disputes to many studies: “Over the past few decades, winemakers have relied on the production of wine with a high content of alcohol, suggesting that it It is more highly appreciated by consumers. To test this hypothesis, we used magnetic studies to compare the human response to different samples of wine. At the same time, focusing on the areas of the brain responsible for processing taste and sample the best product. ” Ram Frost and his colleagues used MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to measure brain activity in 21 people (only amateurs, not professional sommelier), which under the supervision of inquisitive scientists regularly – no more than 1 time per week – drinking wine. The subjects were asked to try samples of different reds fortress. Scan showed that brain activity was stronger when tasting wine weaker, compared with a stronger sample.

This study demonstrated that consuming a “weak” wine, people are more focused on the flavor of the drink as “strong” wines often lack grace and alcohol overshadows the subtle nuances of flavor. “Wine with a lower strength is more likely to disclose the overall flavor than the strong” – concluded from his research Spanish scientist.


One need not be a rocket scientist to conclude the proposed article, it is more a matter of experience. A simple example, if a person wants to spend an evening with wine, for that you need a special mood and atmosphere. He will order up to 90% refined, meditative wine that will be interesting to drink. If you drink only serves part, support the evening, the wine will be a large proportion of the probability of a simple, quick reads that do not require analysis. To understand and love Burgundy wines need to treat them with care and knowledge, because the taste of these wines is very thin, they do not try to please everyone. Is there alcohol content of wine Bole, powerful and simple, they are available to the beginner and the man in the street. The conclusion is, what strain, if you can just choose something more meaningful? Even an experienced person needs time to understand the elegant wines with a multifaceted flavor and doubly insulting to order an expensive position and not to evaluate it. As I see it, the sommelier should not use the terms of better or worse, it is necessary to replace them with the words clear and understandable.

Statistics and information presented in the article do not cause controversy, my experience confirms it, but it is not clear why such a hard way to go, and the use of high technology. If the sommelier – a professional, he can and without a thorough investigation of the above mark.

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