Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate juice has long been considered the “king of vitamins.” Hippocrates treated with pomegranate juice juice gastric ailments, nervous disorders and fevers.

The pomegranate juice rich in vitamins C and B, organic acids, minerals and enzymes, potassium, antioxidants and coumarin. Pomegranate juice increases hemoglobin, restores the body after surgery, helps with anemia, heart disease, kidney disease, gastritis, colitis, general prostration, cold, sore throat, cleanses the blood vessels, regulates appetite and improves digestion.

The types and grades

Pomegranate juice can be canned and fresh. Canned pomegranate is direct extraction and recovery, solid and diluted, with or without preservatives.
Concentrate juices obtained directly from fresh fruit; such products can only be done on the site of the harvest in a limited timeframe.

We recovered juice more difficult and long way to the consumer. After all, they are made not of themselves fruits or vegetables, and from concentrated juices that are obtained from fresh fruit through a series of transactions. Such products passes through many hands: manufacturers of concentrated raw materials, intermediaries who carry out storage, transportation, blending and sale of concentrated juice and, finally, the company appearing on the package as a producer: it is the manufacturer adds to concentrate specially prepared drinking water. Of course, as a result of numerous manipulations reconstituted juices lose some nutrients and mineral substances are called reconstituted juice product of direct expression is not just incorrect and illegal, although some manufacturers this sin.

The taste and color of pomegranate juice (especially freshly squeezed) may differ slightly zaivisimosti matter of what sort it squeezed pomegranate. Especially healing considered the fruit of the maroon grains, and the juice from them is a more sweet.

How to cook

Squeeze the juice of a pomegranate can be even without the juicer: just stretch your arms ripe fruit in the skin, and when the burst with grain, cut the cake and squeeze the juice.

People with high acidity of the stomach is better to drink pomegranate juice diluted with water or other juices: its useful properties will not be wasted, and the stomach does not hurt. In addition, the fixing properties of pomegranate juice, so help with diarrhea, a person with a healthy digestion, especially when used in large quantities, can trigger constipation.

Pomegranate juice is well combined with carrot and beet. Especially this cocktail is useful for pregnant women.

In Armenia, Azerbaijan and Israel of pomegranate juice cooked fruit wine. Make of it and liqueurs, punches, cocktails, syrups (the most famous of them – Grenadine – added to cocktails).
In the eastern and Caucasian cuisine is prepared from pomegranate juice a variety of sauces and gravies, including Azeri narsharab (it is boiled pomegranate juice). Marinated in pomegranate sauce meat is extremely juicy and tender, it becomes thin pomegranate flavor.


Fresh pomegranate juice is especially good in the season garnets – from September or October to January.

How to choose and store

Choosing canned pomegranate juice, is to look at its structure. If manufacturers are not telling the whole story, they just indicate, diluted with water or juice is the juice of direct extraction and use any preservatives, dyes, sugar.

Piece juice of direct expression must be promoted to a place where growing grenades (that is, for example, or Azerbaydzhanene Armenia, not in Moscow and Saratov).

On the bottle should be written word juice, not nectar (the last one in Russia will mark strongly diluted juice). Date of manufacture must sootvetvovat pomegranate season (September to January).
The color of the juice should be reddish-burgundy, very intense. In the sun it looks translucent, tolerance of small particles and sediment, but sometimes it is very clean. Too bright red juice and says that it is diluted with water. At the same time, too brown indicates that the juice is made from any crusts, or – from the hips. If there is sediment at the bottom, it should be pink, and by shaking the tank is fully dissolved in the juice.

If you buy fruit juice, it is desirable that when you pressed it.

Shelf life of opened bottle with canned pomegranate juice – no more than a day. Fresh juice is desirable to use more quickly.

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