How to choose rice

How to choose rice

How to choose rice.

For half the world’s population of the word “rice” and “food” sound the same. In many countries, rice is considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth. In Russia, it is often one and the same packet of rice and cooked soup, and garnish for chicken. Selection of rice for different dishes – it is not less, and perhaps more responsible than, say, a choice of meat. Savings and buy rice at random – the harm that can negate further efforts to make, say, a risotto or paella rice pudding. Listen to our advice and buy it sensibly and placement.

Where a recipe from there and rice

Did you know that two-thirds of the world’s rice crop is eaten in the immediate vicinity of the place where it is grown. Therefore, trying to build the Uzbek pilaf, not too lazy to go to the market and buy rice devzira Uzbeks, and if, for example, you set their sights on risotto, do not be greedy and buy a pack of Italian “Arborio” or “Roma”.

Form and content

In the form of rice and its properties have a clear connection (with rare exceptions). The shorter or whiter grain, the softer it is, the more water rice takes, the greater the swell and becomes more sticky. This figure is popular in South East Asia, China and Japan. It is convenient to eat with chopsticks, sushi mold of it, he goes to the desserts.

The grain is longer, so it is harder, more transparent, and when cooking grows primarily in length. Long-grain rice, if the cook correctly, it turns crumbly and light, airy. It is popular in India and neighboring countries: it is convenient, mixing with the gravy, have hands.

Please note that a good recipe write what grade or even a type of rice should be used – long srednezerny or round. The first length of 4-5 times the width at the srednezernogo rice – 2 times, and the round – he in fact almost all, well, at worst, oval. Often indicate which – adhesive or non-adhesive – rice is needed.

Off doubt

If in doubt, the perfect garnish for parboiled rice – it does not stick together. But for traditional recipes like the pilaf it is not worth taking: it is cooked completely differently and has a different consistency. He, incidentally, is much healthier than regular white rice.

If you are diabetic, choose “basmati” or brown rice – they have a lower glycemic index.

Quality Standards

Where rice is the basis of the diet, buy it weighted, the bag and the buyer always has the opportunity to check the quality of rice. Watch and its appearance on the icing, and the fact whether the crunches in the handful of rice, etc. Then conclude – to buy or not. You and I usually do not have such a possibility, which is used by local producers often sell packaged rice dubious quality.

Of course, your regular rice porridge Krasnodar, and then head to break is not necessary. But buying expensive rice, should pay attention to some things that do not pay for the 4th grade of the price of “extra”.

If the package is cloudy grain half and half transparent, it is a bad figure. Rice should be beautiful and the same. Nearly transparent as the most common varieties, or completely opaque, as Thai sticky, transparent or matte middle, as Italian varieties for risotto. But most importantly – the same. Otherwise it or a mixture of grains of different parties, or simply poor-quality rice – say, a bad-dried. And nothing good will come out of it. Fig different parties absorb different amounts of water or oil and boiled soft uneven (in general, the mixing of different varieties of rice in the home is almost guaranteed to give a negative result).

If the rice grains are often found where muddy areas have clear boundaries, it is even worse: it broken rice, soaking or cooking it will fall apart, turning to mush.

Buying in the case weighed rice, especially Uzbek, is to try it on the tooth – it should not be easy to crack. Rub the beans between palms to wipe off his powder and see it for what it really is.

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