How to select and prepare fresh frozen french fries

How to select and prepare fresh frozen french fries

How to select and prepare fresh frozen french fries.

French fries as a brilliant representative of fast food can be popular to give up first place only hamburgers. It is eaten everything and everywhere. Many not only in restaurants and at home. For them – our tips and advice on the proper selection and preparation.

According to experts, to prepare a high-quality french fries from fresh potatoes hard. Firstly, it is not suitable for every grade. It is necessary to take into account the solids content / moisture in the club, as well as its size. Secondly, after frying fresh potatoes markedly loses weight and usually absorbs too much oil. Third, because of the uneven distribution of sugar in the tuber, straw of fresh potatoes is not evenly golden. Therefore, we recommend quick-frozen potatoes.

What you should pay particular attention to:

  • the length of the straw,
  • the number of defects (dark spots, “eyes”, remnants of skin and so on.)
  • the fat content and moisture
  • Colour,
  • taste and smell of the finished fries,
  • its external and internal structure,
  • the nutritional value.

Right choice

Frozen imported potatoes has several quality categories: Premium-grade (AA), A-grade and B-grade. AA – is the maximum possible length of the straw, minimal defects, a small weight loss in the preparation (“uzharka”). Straw Category A on the quality inferior to the previous one. It is shorter, it may contain a little more and a little more defects roast away. And finally, the quality of products B. Such potatoes during cooking consumes more oil and loses weight average 10% higher than the quality of the products A, i.e. has a greater degree uzharki.

High-quality french fries, deep fried, after cooking should be gently rustling, break through the edge of the plate, and keep warm for a long time, taste and aroma. The inner texture of his uniform and crumbly. In quality French fries is no formation of cavities, because of which the final product can lose its shape.

Cooking Tips


1. The potato before cooking in any case do not thaw.

2. Observe the ratio of 1:10; 1 of the potatoes and 10 parts of vegetable oil.

3. Do not use oil, which is already preparing to other products and change it regularly. It is best suited for deep-frying oil first cold pressed.

4. To much oil or spray, put into it a piece of bread dipped in vinegar.

5. One serving of potatoes can be fried twice.

6. The oil temperature should not be lower than 175-190 ° C.

7. salt to already prepared potatoes and serve immediately it to the table.

In the oven

1. Potato bake at 220 ° C.

2. Frozen fries in the pan sprinkle evenly in a single layer.

3. Do not add any fat in the pan, including the oil.

4. Cook the potatoes are strictly for the time specified on the package.

5. In the middle of the process, turn the potatoes on a baking sheet, then it will be better to crackle.

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