Baby gluttony. Causes and methods of struggle

Baby gluttony. Causes and methods of struggle

Baby gluttony. Causes and methods of struggle.

The World Health Organization has named obesity is “socially contagious” disease, and said: developed countries are the most affected by this epidemic of overweight. And suffer from it not only adults but also children. So how does the child can pick up this “infection” and how to protect against it?

Typically, a family that awaits the birth of the baby, abruptly changing the way of life, especially that part of it which is related to nutrition. People are starting to think about what they eat, how and when. And it is certainly good for the health of the child, if the changes in the diet came to the family for a long time. And if not, in the first years of life a baby great danger.

Risk One: milk formula

When it comes to natural feeding, overfeeding grudnichka quite difficult. Even those kids who are actively gaining weight and seem to be larger than their peers, quickly rounded up too much, they begin to move independently – to crawl and walk. So, except for particularly severe violations of health, full of children – those who fed the wrong parents. They are especially numerous among the so-called bottle– children who are fed artificial milk formula rather than breast milk.

Here are the basic parenting mistakes that can lead to overweight child:

The child may give too much mixture. That kid sucks a finger, does not mean that he is hungry, he just wants to suck. Yes, many children can eat more than what the doctor recommended, but the benefits of this will be. Chubby kid happy grandparents, but not pediatricians, who are beginning to fear for his health. Many parents believe that the kid can only worry about hunger. But it is not so. The child may be anxious, painful or boring. Yes, he calms down and goes to sleep, if given a bottle of caloric intake. But the kid who had eaten enough and at the same time showing concern better to take something, to caress, more often it is required.

Yes, the food – this is the easiest and most familiar to the child a way to have fun, but pandering to this request, we accustom man “jam” their problem, and it affects not only on health but also on personality development.

Many parents are unhappy with the view and taste the mixture, which is divorced right – it was too liquid and insipid. It is tempting to make it thicker. Stop! For a child it is harmful: excess fats, proteins and calories leads to overweight.

The risk of a second: the first solid foods

When it comes time to give the child “real food”, many mothers also can not avoid mistakes.

What if I am late?

Many fear that they “do not have time.” Late introduction of complementary foods is difficult. More and more pediatricians say that he does not need to six months, it can be introduced later.

There will come a time to lure when the baby he wants to try what my mother in a spoon and on the plate. Besides, new products should not cause the baby bloating, diarrhea, allergy.

What if he is not satisfied?

New foods should be given to the kid on the small-small drop. At first, the task is not to feed and help the body get used to the unfamiliar food. There are different approaches to the first feeding.

Some doctors recommend to give a little bit of the food that is eating my mother, but healthy: a grain of boiled buckwheat, a quarter teaspoon of boiled broccoli.

In no case do not need to completely replace milk or a mixture of the new product, first – to give a try. Simply put, it is necessary to remember that the baby teeth appear, it does not mean that he is ready to sit at the adult table and eat, Dad.

If your child has any health problems, the diet is better to change the baby, after consulting with a pediatrician. Problematic children pediatrician will offer the lure of a special scheme. Fat kid asked to enter into the diet of vegetables, Allergy – colorless vegetables, very thin one kid – special clover.

Plain water is best

Another problem foods that your child begin to water. Mothers often feel that it is “not enough delicious.” Vodichku trying to sweeten the jam, syrup, fructose. Meanwhile, it is now good to teach a child to ensure that the best drink – a fresh water. All the rest – a source of calories, and a direct road to soda and other unhealthy drinks. At this point, fairly easy to lay a solid foundation for the future of overeating and obesity, if the mother will not respond to that pipsqueak it turns away from food.

With songs, dances, you can squeeze in a child much more than he needs. The right strategy – take your time and do not force the child, trusting his appetite.

A child is born entirely to innocent, but in their eating behavior, he is much wiser than adults.

The risk of three: big holidays

Another nutritional breakdown often occurs when the baby is one year. It seems that it’s so big that it is already possible to all. Birthday, New Year or other holidays child suddenly offer a lot of unwholesome food (smoked fish, myasko sausages, exotic fruits, seafood, pickled vegetables, nuts, cakes, candy, cookies), and as a result he finds himself at a reception at the pediatrician with allergies or a sick stomach. Especially a lot of parents “break” when a child begins to speak. The kid’s so asked for chocolate cake!

In fact, at this age the child is not yet ready to eat adult food, his gastrointestinal tract and the enzyme system is still immature. So the diet of children should be fairly strict.

When the child is two years, in the family and there is a revolution at all. The child is already “very high” in a hurry to convince each other adults, and … most families are returning to their old bachelor unhealthy eating habits, by abstaining for a long time. As they say, the child has grown up, and you can relax. In the house there are all kinds of buns cookies, candy, which treated the baby, because he has the right to “sweet happiness.” Plus sweets often console, encourage, represent a holiday, as a result of the child receives another incentive to enjoy junk food.

We must remember that the child is in the family gets its food habits. It houses the kid finds out what food, what it should be, which means “delicious” or “tasteless.” Therefore, if you expensive health of the child, have the power to change the whole family.

The child who is taught in the family to eat, will not suffer overweight. General recommendations are as follows: to follow the diet from infancy, zakarmlivat not to trust feelings of younger family member. When the kid will grow up, you still have to fight the influence of fast food and junk food. Do not forget that the house you should always be fresh vegetables, fruits and freshly prepared food made from natural products.

How to help glutton?

The problem of obesity is easier to prevent than to cure. What to do if your child is already eats everything indiscriminately as Robin Bobin-Barabek? First of all, you need to understand: to limit the child’s eating habits can and should be. Thus it is necessary to follow a few rules:

Do not make a food reward.

You can not reward chocolate at the end of the week because the baby through the power to eat healthy food. Thus, you only increased interest in junk food – forbidden fruit is sweet.

Nothing is prohibited.

While the child is small and feeds mostly at home, remove harmful products that do not have them banned. Prepare a healthy, non-caloric food. Please allow him to eat as much as he wants, then gradually cut back portions. Of course, the first time the child will refuse to eat at all – Be firm and do not be afraid that he would die of hunger. Restructuring of eating behavior – a difficult thing.

Operate example, not persuasion.

The kid has to eat healthy meals together with other family members. Cooking vegetables for the baby for a couple, and have yourself a sausage and chips – you can not. The child will be offended, and assume that unhealthy food – a privilege of adults.

Call a psychologist, if we do not handle.

If a teenager is always a pocket money, and he eats out, it is almost impossible to control. To save a teenager from overeating and obesity, not enough to be a lifestyle change all the family will have to connect a psychologist. Consultant pediatrician, member of the “Association of Children’s allergists’ head. pediatric department of the Center of traditional midwifery, Olga Tkach.

It is in the family of the child acquires its food habits – Find out what food, what it should be, which means “delicious” or “does not taste good.” Only from mom and dad depends, he will grow fat glutton or slender connoisseur of good food.

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