Baby porridge: the first solid foods baby

Baby porridge: the first solid foods baby

Baby porridge: the first solid foods baby.

Familiarizing the child to the adult table – a long and very responsible. The first food after mother’s milk should not harm – cause goiter, allergies or some other unpleasant reaction of the child’s body. Therefore, most often the first to become a lure vegetable puree and milk porridge. Today will tell about children’s cereals.

For what age

Baby cereals are introduced into the diet of the baby when he is about six months. However, all are individually: more precisely the willingness of the body of the child to receive additional food from the outside can only define a pediatrician.

What are the children’s porridge

In the days of our grandmothers porridge, of course, always prepared with milk, trying to comply fully with the technology of cooking and thus save most of the vitamins. Nowadays, manufacturers of baby food did their best to alleviate our life. The store offers a wide range of children’s cereals. We’ll figure out!

Cereals. Kashi distinguish the content of vegetable protein – gluten. Gluten grains – a rye, wheat, barley, oats. Use them for the first feeding is not necessary, because the child’s stomach is difficult to digest protein. Unstable gastrointestinal system toddler may earn a violation of peristalsis and issue dysbiosis and allergies.

Accordingly, semolina (semolina – is wheat) and oats (oatmeal is) better not to give your child. Note the gluten-free options are available: a buckwheat, rice and corn grits.

Kashi monosostavnymi may be, on the contrary, be composed of several cereals. For the primary initiation of the child to experiment with porridge porridge of 2 and 3 cereals not: let the baby get used to the easier option. Only when the main types of cereals assimilated and do not cause protest from the child’s body, we can safely proceed to the more complex version.

Milk. Presented in the range of cereal can be produced on the basis of milk (milk) and without (dairy). In the first case, the structure includes milk to cow’s milk or any milk formula, similar in composition to that used for artificial feeding children.

Flavors and other additives. The additives may be powder, fruit and vegetable mixture and yogurt, nuts, honey, chocolate. Though they enhance the nutritional value of cereals and improve its taste, but at the same time is not suitable for a first acquaintance with the baby porridge, as they can cause unwanted reactions.

There are also therapeutic and prophylactic porridge – with pro- and prebiotics. These cereals are good for restoring the balance of intestinal microflora.
Pay close attention to a part of cereal was not a palm or coconut oil, which can hide behind the phrase “vegetable oil.”

Cooking method. Baby oatmeal differ from each other according to the method of preparation. Some require prolonged heat treatment, while others are rapidly dissolving formulations for the preparation of which just add boiling water. A special vitamin complex difference in between them. Kasha, you want to cook, as a rule, intended for older children – they are ready to accept lumpy food. However, you can carefully try to stretch the finished porridge with a fork, rub through a sieve or grind cereals to the smallest particles in a coffee mill.

What to look for when buying children’s cereals

1. Be sure to carefully read and composition of the product, no matter how small letters it was not written. To decide on the best option to help the pediatrician. Well, your own observation of the child’s body’s response to the new product will tell you how to adjust the diet.

2. Pay attention to the expiration date.

3. Do not take food with GMOs, artificial preservatives, coloring, vegetable oils.

4. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the scientific community – Institute of Nutrition, Russian Union of Pediatricians. Such information can be found on the Internet, and you can see special markings directly on the package of cereal.

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