How to choose a children’s water

How to choose a children's water

How to choose a children’s water.

In the current environmental requirements for drinking water are quite high, but they are even more severe in children’s water. Learn how to choose the water for the children.

Types of children’s water

Water for children – is the best quality water for today, if it is done by the manufacturer according to the rules.

Children’s water is divided into two types:

  • drinking. Note that it can not be used for preparing baby food, due to the fact that its composition is clearly balanced, so additional minerals and trace elements may upset the balance, making it unuseful for the baby’s health. Optimum composition of minerals in drinking water – 200-300 mg / l.
  • for the preparation of baby food. This type of water is softer than for drinking, it includes less minerals and trace elements – 64-107 mg / l.

Children drinking water. Terms of the successful bid

When purchasing water for the children pay attention to the label:

  • In the name of the water must be present word “baby.”
  • On the product label must indicate that water artesian (natural, natural), and placed well data (number and city).
  • Please note that the different composition of the water is suitable for children of all ages. Typically, manufacturers indicate on the label the age at which it is recommended to drink this water. If this option is not specified, the better to refrain from buying.
  • An ideal composition minerals and trace elements in water for children – from 200 to 300 mg / l., The maximum strap – 400-500 mg / l.
  • As part of the children’s water is not allowed silver as a preservative.
  • Indicators of children’s mineral composition of water must comply with general standards: potassium – 5-20 mg per 1 liter; Calcium – <60 mg per 1 liter; magnesium – 10-35 mg per 1 liter; sodium – <20 mg per 1 liter; fluoride ion – <0.920 mg per 1 liter; chlorides – <1 150 mg per liter; iodide ion – 40-60 g / l; sulfates – <150 mg per 1 liter
  • The hardness of water should be in the range of 1.5 – 7 mEq / L.
  • Alkalinity infant water – less than 5 mEq / L.
  • See, so that the water in the bottle was clear, transparent, free of impurities and sediments.
  • Do not buy a child curative and preventive water: it exceeded indicators of mineral salts.
  • Shelf life of child drinking water from 3 to 18 months.
  • The label specifies the conditions of children’s water storage, which must be strictly followed. If you opened a bottle of water, it can be used within three days, after this period is best to boil water.
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