Home tarragon: drink recipes

Home tarragon: drink recipes

Home tarragon: drink recipes.

Tarragon as the other signs of the Soviet period, now more than ever in fashion. However, if modern taste “Tarragon” from the store, you can be disappointed. Especially – if you loved in the Soviet childhood. And do not you drink tarragon cook yourself?

Tarragon: Emerald soda

For the first time the green “Tarragon” hissed cheerful bubbles language Mitrofan Ishino – Tiflis pharmacist and entrepreneur. He was the first in 1887, got the idea to abandon the overseas chemical essences that are used in carbonated beverages and replace them with natural extracts of fruits and berries. Know-how we appreciated and already in 1913, “Water Ishino” win gold medals at international exhibitions and delivered to the court of the Russian Emperor and the Shah of Iran.

Lemon, cherry, mint, “Isindi”, “cream soda”, “Citro” … in the lab Lagidze born all new recipes, soft drinks spilled on French bottles and decorated with the slogan: “It takes anywhere, beware of imitations.” Chief consultant of advertising were French, but they are not smart enough to use in your favorite tarragon soda.

Tarragon – Caucasian name tarragon, plants of the genus Artemisia. It helps to improve the appetite and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

If modern taste “Tarragon” from the store, you can be disappointed. Especially if you had a child impatiently jumped from multi-colored cones with syrup on Rustaveli Avenue or on the Arbat, waiting for the impact of the jet into a glass of soda.

How to make homemade tarragon

“What is your secret friend Lagidze?” – Asked Georgians more strictly Stalin and Beria. And there is no secret. After becoming chief advisor “Glavfruktvod” in Minpischeprome USSR Lagidze unveil all their lemonade recipe. Read part of tarragon in the directory in 1984: sugar, tarragon infusion, citric acid, vanillin, alcohol, to dissolve carbon dioxide and indigo dyes and tartrazine. Now compare this structure with the store labels … Even fully withstand the recipe, it is difficult to achieve the very “taste of childhood.” The point, as usual, in the feedstock. Once – the water, the quality of which Lagidze treated very tenderly, two – tarhunovy extract, which is suitable for the preparation of only one kind of tarragon, which grows exclusively in Georgia.

But we try. Mash in a mortar beam tarragon, Kinema a slice of lemon or lime juice, sugar and fill with soda. Add color and flavor, you can use apple juice Granny or find the original syrup “Tarragon” from producer. And when will elicit a prescription, follow the example of the old man and Ishino, laughing, display language. Secret present taste, as before, on the tip.

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