Green mung beans (Mush)

Green mung beans (Mush)

Green mung beans (Mush).

(mung beans in old sources – golden beans)

Legumes – mach – comes from India. Small, green beans oval has recently been transferred from the biological kind of “beans” in the closely related genus “Vigna”. Despite this division, many perceive as one of the mung bean variations, and in some ways they are right.

Particularly popular mash acquired in Indian cuisine. From it is prepared main dish Ayurveda – kichri (khichdi). This spicy vegetarian dish, a mixture of stewed rice with waving and fried in oil with spices, sometimes with the addition of vegetables. In India, it is actively used for soups, including sweet and prepare stews, local spices seasoning, and add grated coconut. Mung bean soaking for 6-12 hours, then rubbed into a paste with ginger and salt, fry like pancakes for breakfast. The combination of “mash and ginger” generally very popular.

Mung beans are widely used in Asia. There they are called “green bean” and prepare in China, Japan, Korea and other countries in Southeast Asia. Eat whole, peeled, or sprouts. In China, mung bean starch is used for gelation and production Funchoza. With him prepare ice cream, drinks, and stuffed with mung bean paste moon cakes and Chinese rice dumplings. In Japan, green beans make bean vermicelli and germinated for bean sprouts. In the Philippines, stewed shrimp and fish or chicken and pork. In Indonesia, mash – a popular filling for cakes.

Love mash and Central Asia. For example, mashhurda – one of the most popular soups in Uzbekistan. It is a home in the restaurant, café or teahouse hardly bring it to taste. Following the precepts of the old cooks “Oil likes to mash”, in addition to this dish of rice and vegetables use a large number of sheep and lamb fat.

In general, the mash is great for cooking side dishes, soups, and stews pohlёbok.

With regard to the germs, in Chinese cuisine are fried with garlic, ginger and green onions, sometimes with pieces of salted dried fish. Raw sprouts are used as stuffing for Vietnamese spring rolls. In Korea, they are blanched and then mixed with sesame oil, garlic and local herbs.

Mash – nutritious, wholesome and satisfying product. It is rich in fiber, B vitamins and phosphorus. As beans, mung is a source of vegetable protein and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

How to cook

Dried beans mung bean soaking is not necessary. Mash cooked for about 40 minutes and taste like beans with a nutty flavor. Salt it should be 10 minutes before end of cooking.

For dry beans sprouting simply add water. They can be found in the sale, where they will simply be called “sprouts (sprouts) beans.”

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