Nuts: the top 10 most delicious

Nuts: the top 10 most delicious

Nuts: the top 10 most delicious.

It is only known film Cinderella for happiness had only three nuts. Cooking this amount will be insufficient. Assortment of nuts – great, and the kitchen there is the use of any nucleolus.

Despite belonging to the legume, peanuts for many – a true nut. Eat it salty or fried as a snack and use in Asian cuisine. Cook with it sauces, soups, curries, noodles and stirfry.


Pecan is similar in texture to a walnut, but more gentle and sweet. And the fat, so spoiled and rancid quickly. Pecan works well in baking. A variety of brownies, biscuits, open pies, bread – the best use of it.


Pine nuts – seeds of Siberian pine. In their high protein content, which is valuable for vegetarians. Use them for making pesto, as the Italian equivalent, more elongated and large pine nuts. Lightly fry and add to salads and pasta.

Pine nuts

Walnuts are at a premium in European and Caucasian cuisine. Cook them Satsivi mixed with goat cheese and beets, caramelized dessert and cook of the young green nuts jam. In addition, you can add salt and marinate for supplying cold meat dishes, such as boiled pork.


Favorite syroedcheskoy cuisine – cashews. If the raw nuts to grind in a blender, they can become the basis for the sauce or stuffing for cheesecake. Add them to give texture to the rice dishes, as well as meat stew, mix with chicken and shrimp.


Hazelnut – is the fruit of a family of birch shrubs. A coarsely chopped nuts, and are often used in desserts and pastries. It is added to the dough for muffins, do it with candy, snacks and cereal, chocolate and chocolate paste. The crushed hazelnuts – an excellent base for breading. Also interesting texture to add it to the flour for biscuits or proteins for meringues.


Roasted and salted pistachios – constant beer snack. Unsalted widely used in the Middle East and the Mediterranean for the preparation of pates, sausages and sauces. Very popular combination of pistachio and lamb. Why are alone Istanbul kebab with pistachios! It is also a popular ingredient in cakes and oriental sweets.

Roasted and salted pistachios

Versatile and popular almonds – drupe. His candy, glazed, milled into flour and used as a basis for making marzipan, nougat and Spanish nougat. Makes him batter, add the meat and poultry when frying or baking.

Versatile and popular almonds

Rich and soft taste of Brazilian walnut perfectly revealed in baking. Especially well it “sounds” next to the chocolate. Try it as a duet with rice, couscous or quickly sauteed vegetables.

Rich and soft taste of Brazilian

Walnut for a special occasion – Macadamia. It is expensive, very high in calories, tastes like hazelnut, but more subtle and buttery. This nut is often combined with white chocolate, coconut and coffee, used for the preparation of sweets and desserts. Although no one forbids add macadamia frying seafood to fresh lettuce, to fruit chutneys or rice in Indonesian style.

Walnut for a special occasion

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