How not to kill a child’s appetite at the restaurant

How not to kill a child's appetite at the restaurant

How not to kill a child’s appetite at the restaurant.

Anna Sokolova, three children and two on-site restaurants. Watching the older daughters, eight and eleven years old, she came to the conclusion that the child, being in a restaurant, appreciate the individual approach is no less than an adult.

Alice and Katie completely different eating habits. Kate loves dairy products and vegetables, and Alice – a fan of meat and any menu is sure to find a great steak that eat whole. At home, we almost did not fry the meat, so the restaurant Alice off in full.

When choosing a restaurant for a family hike, guided only by Alice find him and Katya suitable dishes on the menu. My husband and I just do not stay hungry. If culinary interests coincide adults and children – excellent!

But do not confuse gastronomic experimentation and ordinary meal with the kids – it’s two different genres. Lunch in a serious restaurant with a sophisticated kitchen, somehow, has become a major disappointment daughters cooking hot for 15-20 minutes – the norm for solid institutions, but it is disastrous for the child for a long time. Waiting kill all interest in food. Therefore, children’s meals, we usually choose the network places where everyone brings fast.

My kids are happy when they are offered pencils, paper, puzzles, to brighten even a short wait the food. Children’s frustrating when all who are younger than twelve, bringing the same coloring and nothing is prepared for them. Sometimes, restaurants offer special children’s menu, but experience shows that children are more interested in the menu for adults than pasta “Pinocchio” or salad “cook”.

My daughters love Italian and Japanese restaurants, but they choose simple dishes from simple ingredients. As a rule, children everywhere are choosing easy-to-prepare dishes: french fries, chicken noodle soup, pasta, burgers and sandwiches. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the food was done accurately.

The ideal children’s menu – is a compromise between the desire of children to “harmful” and benefit from the perspective of parents. Another thing is that the quality is always cooked meal at least three times more expensive than fastfudovsky hamburger. Low prices in the children’s restaurant menu – an indication that the food is unlikely to be useful. And be sure to ask the waiters about how the dish is cooked before you order it!

If cooking a child’s choice does not suit you, do not scold him for what he is like the wrong food. So the child can create the feeling that he himself was a strange and wrong. Alice and Kate I always honestly explain: “It’s bad, but I agree that it is tasty.” And describe what specific technologies used by manufacturers to make it tasty, and what they are harmful to your daily diet. Children do not need to convince to eat oat cereal, because it is incredibly tasty. It is better to admit: yes, you do not like porridge, but please eat three spoons, you have a sick stomach yesterday.

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