My kids eat everything!

My kids eat everything!

My kids eat everything!

My kids are eating. I cook every day. That’s my job. Tested recipes, experimenting, constantly trying new spices and foods. I have never come back from the store without chegonibud new, whether it is feeding the Mexican banana, raspberry vinegar or Creole spice blend.

Once a week there my videokolonki, writing numerous articles for magazines and recipes, is now waiting for release cookbook. So a variety of dining, consider – a side effect.
When Tanya was born, of course, I signed up for classes on breastfeeding and complementary feeding, and began to read special literature. For the case I went thoroughly picked bestsellers from different countries, from Ukraine Komarovsky, Sears from the US. I read a wonderful book “French children do not spit eating,” where American journalist Pamela Drukerman cheerfully describes the principles of nutrition and education in France. I remembered all the things I was taught at the Faculty of commodity research at the institute.

All these books have strengthened me in one thought: there are no rules. The main thing – to give kids healthy food. After all, kids get fat, get sick, and even after the holidays come back with a dull complexion no matter what they are good or bad eating during the dinner. Case as products.

Odnin of the most famous fudavtorov, Michael Pollan, gives a simple way to get rid of junk food: “Keep in the fridge the products that your grandmother ate.” It is the most concise and intelligible advice! I follow it religiously. For example, preparing breakfast, so like children in the UK are among the five most harmful products – there rolls over the amount of sugar. Yes, I am preparing myself cereal.

I started eating much earlier than was the mother of two children. Canned incomprehensible to prepare dinner, semi-finished and bouillon cubes in my kitchen has never been. Instead, only meat, fruit, yogurt and other “basic ingredients”. Very rarely – sausages. Food from the garden of Russian provincial cities and the market. Is that sometimes I use canned beans and chickpeas – they really save time in the kitchen. It is not necessary to stand for hours at the stove: I recently created a series of dinners healthy foods that you can prepare in 20 minutes.

I do not worry because of the lack of appetite in children and almost never pushed into them, for example, fish or cheese. After all, I have days when I want to eat dinner instead of tomato or a cup of tea with jam. Do your metabolic rate, different from the smooth tick cuckoo clock. The body responds to the weather, magnetic storms and the latest news. The main thing – to learn
to listen to him and teach children. Hunger must manifest itself. It is not necessary to vaccinate as a love for literature.

I make sure that children are drinking the right amount of milk. Or ate cheese. Tanya is now like me to repeat, it is ready to drink anything, if the liquid is poured into my white cup. I, of course, Tanya pour yogurt – it contains calcium and probiotics.

Children are the same people as we are. And Pete have a human being. That’s just, maybe, some parents want to reconsider your diet, tied with chips and popcorn? Let us not dissemble: it is we, the mothers and fathers, often reckless attitude towards their health, misuse fast food and lean on semi-finished products. Avoid harmful food for yourself – and you’ll feel good, you will have strength to play and walk with children.

White bread to replace the rye (in which a huge amount of vitamins of group B), often eat noodles made of buckwheat flour, buy a long cooking oatmeal, plain yogurt and milk, which sours on the third day. Every day fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Instead of sweets – dried fruits, whole family adore dried mango kumquat. In winter, eat sauerkraut, radish, pumpkin, carrots – they are so good!

In his book, Pamela Drukerman writes that the French manger meal consists of a three-course, the food is not repeated for several months. At the beginning certainly salad or greens, in the end – kakoynibud cheese. French, with a white, green or yellowish mold. The French are convinced that the only way a child can develop a taste. Otherwise he will not be able to admire the oysters, petit fours and the French gastronomy.

I regularly come to the distribution of new books on children’s eating habits. And I find myself thinking that if I cook separately for children, it would be miserable. Imagine, to test a couple of meals at work, and then again to prepare children? Then there will be time to play together in “Lego”, read about Moomin and just hug the children. Professor Julia Gippenreiter, author of numerous books on education, says that kids need to embrace at least four times a day, not including morning and evening – only then they will feel the love and care. And happy children, as we know, there are no problems with appetite.

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