What to feed a baby on the way?

What to feed a baby on the way?

What to feed a baby on the way?

Traveling with a child in distant lands – a difficult exercise. Question – a lot: how the baby will take the road? Not seasick him? Would not it hot / cold / wet? What will he play? I can sleep? What to feed? With babies all clear to those who are more than six or seven, – too. And what about the crumbs from 2 to 5 years?


The main rule – not to give crumbs of airplane food.

The second rule is: do not be afraid that the child is hungry and will suffer if you do not eat the usual mess or cutlet. The majority of children behave as if they are hungry, simply because they are bored. Therefore, the main problem on the board – this is not to feed, and take the child. Take a toy, read him a book.

Learn in advance whether to allow the airline to carry on board sliced ​​apples, carrots, dried fruits.

If you do not have to choose from their menu that is less harmful for the baby, and offer it to him. But if the child refuses, in any case, do not feed him by force.

The third rule is to give the child to drink. A few hours you and your child will be breathing very dry air-conditioned, and regular replenishment of stocks of liquid in such circumstances – an elementary need. To carry on board aircraft bottled water will not let you, but bring along an empty container – a bottle with a tight nipple or cup-pot – it is possible. A bottled still water on board is always there.

A car

If you have a long car ride, first of all take care of drinking: in the car is stuffy, and the child will ask to drink more than usual.

If you are not using the cooler bag, take it with only those products that can not go wrong: solid fruits (eg, apples and pears) and vegetables (carrots, heart of cabbage, cucumber), biscuits, dried fruit.

It is not necessary to feed plenty of kid who spend the day in the car seat. Before the road is enough to eat some cereal, chew a carrot or an apple.

Feed the baby in a roadside cafe is not worth it: they are unlikely to range for baby food.

A train

Take the fried chicken, just the train ride starts – our long-standing tradition. And her children, as well as all the traditions in general, studiously adults adopt. However, the fried chicken for crumbs, but still under the train, not the best food.

Nutritional advice on the train the same as in the car: there is not much, if you take products, such that the child is already eating, and which does not deteriorate for a long time: apples, carrots, cucumber, biscuit.

Water for drinking is better to take with you from home: from the “tank” in the car, you should not drink, and in trains and at stations of high-quality non-carbonated drinking water may simply not be there.

If the child is already eating ice cream – you can treat it. But beware: in the heat it is better not to do, otherwise it is likely that the entire vacation you will treat sore throat or bronchitis. To reduce the risk of poisoning, try to buy ice cream proven, well-known manufacturers, paying attention to the package – it should be a whole, and very hard ice cream is not melted.

In general, a child nutrition in the train can be treated quite easily: the children in the trains are usually not swayed, moreover, they have a place to be active.


On cruise ships usually a varied menu that will satisfy any adult. But whether it will suit your child? It is not a fact. Therefore, the question of a children’s table and his staff need to find out before buying tickets.

Note: some travel companies believe that “children’s table” – a candy and ice cream soda, rather than cereals, vegetables, meat and fish are steamed.

Stock up on food for the week and even more so to keep it in the cabin will be, to put it mildly, difficult. Help out in this situation may be children’s instant oatmeal, which can be complementary fruit and vegetables from the adult menu and thus combine their own children’s breakfast-lunch-dinner.


In the car, plane and boat child may lull. If this has happened, for half an hour before departure in a special way to give him medicine for motion sickness. If even earlier had no such problems, the tablet still is to bring.

What to feed a baby on the way?
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