How to choose the best cheese

How to choose the best cheese

How to choose the best cheese.

When buying in a shop pack of cheese, we fully rely on the integrity of the manufacturer. Meanwhile, far from every store cheese – Natural. Besides milk and ferment there may be a variety of chemical food additives, as well as soybeans. An excellent alternative is cottage cheese, which is sold in markets weighted. It is only necessary to know some rules that will help select the best cheese – really fresh, tasty and healthy.

How to make cheese at home?

Cottage cheese made from yogurt, which is a bit heated in the oven or stove, and she collapses – breaks into white lumps of curd and whey. To separate the curd from the whey, it is hung over the gauze in a capacity to which the drains and the excess moisture. After this curd often squeeze – and the more carefully, the drier it gets.

Which cheese is best?

1. A good cheese with a creamy white color (not bluish) tint. And he must smell is cheese – you will remember this wonderful, slightly sour (but not too) smell?

2. A good cheese is never sour. The best fresh cheese – one in which it is not necessary to add sugar or jam. It tastes sweet and itself.

3. Curd should be bold, soft smooth and homogeneous: bad, if it consists of several layers that differ from each other in color and texture. That is why great care should apply to vendors selling cheese in large barrels and tubs: they collect it a few days and then bring to market. Inside this cottage cheese tubs can be a bit sour or spoiled.

4. If the cheese lumpy, grainy, crumbly – this means that it squeezed to the last, he pulled out all the moisture. It is lighter than the oily, that is when you buy it on the volume to get more, besides a longer curd does not deteriorate. However, it is rather dry and not very tasty, and moreover, these lumps would be virtually impossible to get rid during cooking. For example, to prepare from this Easter cheese, it should be a very long time to wipe through a sieve to get rid of because of small lumps by using a mixer or blender you will not succeed.

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    Why, when I click on "US" and 1 person, it is not translated to the reicpe with the ingredients? Do I have to go back and forth to get a personalized recipe? If that's the case, I will seek out other websites as the same recipes can be found elsewhere.

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