Pork, lamb and beef ribs

Pork, lamb and beef ribs

Pork, lamb and beef ribs.

Since God created woman from Adam’s rib and not from the legs or arms, so that part was the first man in the world or the most useless, or the best. Pork, lamb or beef ribs also quite fit into this definition.

Rib, but not

The anatomical definition dryly: “Rib – narrow arched bone, attached to the back of the spine and going to the sternum.” One thing: the meat carcass meat distinguish the rib portion, closer to the ridge that runs on natural chops on the bone, and Backstrap – the upper part of the breast, including muscle layer, a certain amount of fat and the middle part of the ribs. Here is their something we call the “ribs”. They remain relatively large (30%) intercostal meat, sweet and juicy, which can completely clean nibble uncultured manner, putting a knife and fork.


Almost any meat institution in Europe or America, where not even dream of Michelin stars, will bring you a couple of half-meter hot layers of selected pork ribs with a bucket of fried potatoes and a decanter, another young wine. Finger licking is not enough! And we will bring – except that the layers will be smaller so the meat is worse, though not so elaborate and this dish.

Pig – the most familiar pet in Eastern Europe, but because our neighbors have always been able to cook pork, including the ribs, has long been using honey as karamelizatora. Recall, for example, a typical Polish delicacy zeberka w miodzie – marinated pork ribs in honey, as well as the Czech version of this dish pečená vepřová žebírka v medu – the best snack for travelers who are tired to wander through the streets of Prague.

The simplicity of fried pork ribs (sliced, fried and gnawed), of course, sometimes interfere with talented chefs imagination. For example, over the ocean, in the state of Louisiana, complicate the marinade, adding honey soy sauce, vinegar, sherry and ginger, kept it six ribs of hours, and then baked, cover with foil. For delicious sharp pork ribs with sauce from the same honey, but with tomato paste, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and a whole bunch of spices, we “ran” in a roadside Shalmanov near New York, where the most notable piece (not counting, of course, ribs) proved a poster with the inscription: “What the hell are you here cornered?” …

Once on one of the holidays, our friend Ilya Lazerson, chef and food writer from St. Petersburg, brought a bucket of pork ribs and cooked them in just 15 minutes. However, even at home, Ilya quickly browned ribs to blush, cook another hour in salted boiling water, dumped directly into a bucket of hot spicy marinade, ordered a taxi and about an hour later we had. It remains only to bring nearly finished dish in the oven to the desired condition … Approximately so do the Chinese – 15 minutes time to fry the ribs cooked on the grill and serve them with hoisin sauce.

In the Caucasus, we learned to cook shashalyk of pork ribs – they have to be cut in pairs, and when threading on skewers, if there is no grid pierced the flesh between the bones.
In Thailand, the street traders rub the meat with herbs and spices, give soak, and then digested with bamboo sticks 30 centimeters in length, but not until the end (it turns a kind of pin), a piece of meat is clamped between the halves, connect the open end and placed in the roasting pan. Do not pierce the meat juice does not flow, it turns extremely juicy. Take into service, because in your closet there are certainly grandfather bamboo poles.

Lamb ribs

Ribs of lamb in most European countries already frills, but funny Greeks on the same Crete prepare them in a simple way: marinated in a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil with pepper and marjoram, grilled over charcoal and served with slices of lemon, herbs and “rustic” Horiatiki salad. Lamb ribs ribbetjie – without fail for every meal and meat party South African braai.
If you find yourself in November not far from Cape Town, where the barbecue is going to two hundred thousand people will learn not only to cook ribs, but get the “right” coals of camel thorns, vines and even corncobs.
Love the lamb chops and Norway, where the popular Christmas dish serves pinnekёt: dried or smoked bacon cut along the edges, soaked, and then pripuskayut in a little water and served with mashed turnips and potatoes.

Veal and beef ribs

Palm to prepare veal ribs we hand the French who even allocate for this purpose a special cut, the so-called “side of Paris” – a flat piece of veal backstrap or brisket. For example, rather badsome obtained veal chops a la Bushehr – they marinate in oil with salt, pepper and parsley, then roasted on the grill for 15 minutes and served with seasonal vegetables. Such a dish that will suit bearnaise sauce, which can add a little grated horseradish …

Koreans for centuries prepared Kalbi (literally “edge”) – roast beef ribs. The meat is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic and sugar, often including pear juice, rice wine, sesame oil, grated ginger, onion puree and burning pepper paste. The specialty restaurants are preparing themselves Visitors Kalbi desktop braziers.

But back to the “divine chopped off.” Think about it, why the Americans who think barbecue their national sport is called pork ribs first lady («first lady») – well, not in honor of the wife of the next president … you know, obviously, the Yankees that the edge with which we usually associate the appearance of the first Women, after all, not the unnecessary parts, and the best!

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