Cookies nuts with condensed milk

Cookies nuts with condensed milk
Preparation time
20 mins
Cooking time
130 mins
Easy Recipes
50 people

Oreshki, these beautiful, walnut shaped Russian cookies, have so much meaning for me. They are an iconic Russian treat, especially during holidays, weddings and other special occasions. I can remember watching my Mom making them in our small Belarusian home. I would sit at the kitchen table, keeping her company as she would spend hours making these special but very tedious desserts. I couldn’t wait til I was big enough to help her.

The crisp, golden exterior of the cookies hold a very creamy, caramely filling. Slavic people love using cooked condensed milk in lots of desserts. You can use the excess cookie crumbs or crushed nuts in the filling, for added flavor and crunch.


Cookies nuts with condensed milk


For cream:

  • boiled condensed milk – 350 g.
  • the peeled kernels of walnuts – 40 g
  • butter from natural cream – 100 g

For shortcake dough:

  • yolks – 3 pieces from average eggs with a gross weight about 195 g.
  • sugar – 110 g.
  • butter from natural cream – 200 g.
  • sour cream of 18-20% of fat content – 30 g.
  • wheat flour of the premium – 390 g.
  • salt – 1/3 h a spoon
  • baking soda – 1/3 h a spoon
  • lemon juice – 1 h a spoon


  1. In advance (in 2-3 hours prior to preparation) take out butter for dough and cream from the refrigerator that it became very soft, creamy, or just before preparation soften it in the microwave oven.
  2. Prepare two big aluminum baking sheets (the size 21*32 of cm, 5 cm high) (at me 1 such and the 2nd small the size 17,5*27,5 of cm, 4 cm high everyone) or any other the similar area, available at you, and baking dishes “Nutlets”.
  3. Prepare cream. For this purpose warm up walnuts on a frying pan in an oven of minutes 5-8 or naked flame (in this case constantly mixing) minutes 3-5. Then cool nuts, accurately grind hands whenever possible to clean from them an excess peel, and crush in the blender in a small or average crumb.
  4. In a big pure bowl (volume about the 3rd liters) shake up to splendor the mixer the softened butter within 2-3 minutes. Then on 1 tablespoon with a small hill (approximately till 40-50 g.) begin to add boiled condensed milk, every time quickly, but accurately implicating it in butter at a great speed of the mixer before the formation of homogeneous mass. Don’t drag out process. Cream, as a result, has to turn out dense, with the relief pattern on a surface with firmness holding a form.
  5. Add nuts to cream, accurately mix a spoon, then close the container with cream food wrap and put into the refrigerator to the use.
  6. Start preparation of the dough. For this purpose fill the necessary amount of wheat flour and sugar in 2 separate capacities. Add salt to sugar.
  7. Separate the yolks from the whites, at the same time spreading yolks in a big bowl for a dough batch. Whites in the recipe won’t be necessary.
  8. Shake up yolks with sugar and salt the mixer before the formation of magnificent whitish foam, then lay out to them the softened butter, mix and add sour cream. Again mix everything to uniformity and replace nimbuses on the mixer with nozzles for a dough batch.
  9. Mix in 150 g. wheat flour, sifting it through a sieve and slowly implicating the mixer, then add the soda extinguished by a small amount of lemon juice and right there once again mix everything.
  10. Pour in the dough (also through a sieve) 150 more grams of flour, implicate the mixer, and then enter the flour rest, already implicating it hands to uniformity. As a result, the dough has to turn out friable, crumbling and it is good to lag behind hands.
  11. Lay out the third part of the dough for a table, press down hands forming a thick rectangle, and then roll with a rolling pin (periodically straightening it at the same time with hands) in layer 4-5 mm thick. Cut out from it by means of molds ovals, place each oval in the corresponding form and, well pressing down, press down in it fingers (so that dough got into all grooves of a mold, and ready cookies on a surface had a relief drawing). Do it accurately that thickness future “shells” was approximately identical everywhere, but don’t drag out the process of molding, otherwise, from dough oil will begin to be emitted. Ready molds with dough arrange on a baking sheet dough up, and collect the pieces which remained on a table from a third of dough in a small group, again press down hands into a rectangle, roll with a rolling pin (as it is described above) and place in the remained free molds (at their existence). If all forms are occupied or more forms on a baking sheet don’t get, leave the dough on a table or put in a bowl to two-thirds of dough postponed earlier.
  12. Clean preparations of cookies on a baking sheet in the freezer for about 10 minutes (anything without covering). At this time include an oven and heat it to 370 °F or according to recommendations for baking of shortcake dough about the instruction to your oven. Then take out from the freezer a baking sheet with preparations and at once put it in the warmed oven. Bake at 370 °F about 20 minutes till easy golden color shell. In about 10-15 minutes after the beginning of baking, you can turn a baking sheet in an oven another party that preparations of cookies baked evenly. And at this time make the next portion of preparations as it is described above. If you noticed that from the remains of dough oil was emitted, before molding of the next portions of cookies implicate it back.
  13. Take out a baking sheet with ready cookies from an oven, and on its place establish the second with new preparations (don’t forget to cool it them in the freezer) and bake as it is specified earlier.
  14. To the baked halves of a shell let’s cool down at the room temperature of minutes 10-15 directly in molds. Then accurately take them, having knocked with the edge of each mold about a table or having accurately hooked a shell a knife. Lay out halves shell on a flat plate or another plain surface the convex party up.
  15. When all halves of nuts are baked and they completely will cool down, fill them with the cream prepared earlier by means of a teaspoon (on each “shell” about ? h a spoon of cream leave). In pairs connect the “shells” filled with cream in the whole nuts, having slightly squeezed everyone that it well connected (do it accurately that cookies didn’t burst). At each nutshell clean the acting cream remains a spoon, and then put it in pure capacity. When all nutshell is ready, close capacity with them food wrap and put into the refrigerator before full cooling (it is desirable, not less than 12 hours) that cream finally stiffened, and “nutlets” strongly connected.
  16. Serve ready “nutlets”, having laid out necessary quantity on a serving plate just before giving (that they didn’t thaw), and you store the remains in the refrigerator at a temperature of +40-43 °F under food wrap no more than 2-3 days.

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